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The famous "Danton case" ended this day exactly 217 years ago. We aren't here to sue anybody, to blame the Committees or accuse them of lawlessness, or on the contrary claim that Dantonists were guilty. THAT'S NOT A CASE.
We are here to show the respect to people who we may admire greatly (it, of course, depends on our politcal views), and who payed for the freedom with their lives.

On 5th May 1794 after 6 days of fretful trial Dantonists were led to the scaffold and beheaded. Among those 15 men we could find:

Georges-Jacques Danton - the man of the August 10th, minister of justice in the newly proclaimed republic

Camille Desmoulins - The pen of the revolution, the journalist who objected to the reign of terror in his journals

Fabre d'Eglantine - The author of revolutionary callendar, the man who was implicated in the financial scandal surrounding the liquidation of the French East India Company; also briber

Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles - a memeber of the Committeee of Public Safety who was accused of treason

Jean-François Delacroix - a deputy to the Convention and former memember of the Committee of Public Safety

François Chabot - a man implicated in the French East India Company affair

Pierre Philippeaux - a judge from tribunal of Le Mans and a deputy to the Convention

François Joseph Westermann - a general of the Revolutionary Wars

Claude Basire - a deputy to the Convention, affiliated with The Mountain

Joseph Delaunay - a man implicated in the French East India Company affair

André-Marie Guzman - Spaniard and revolutionary activist

Siegmund Frey
Emmanuel Frey - brothers accused of fraud

Hans Frederik Deideriksen - Dutch partner of Freys


With my respect and words of condolence
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It doesn't matter whether you are royalist, feuillant, jacobin, cordelier, girondist or enrage! We have common purpose: abolish absolute power and impose fair democratic rule!

If names like Lafayette, Mirabeau, Robespierre, Danton, Marat, Brissot, Hebert, Saint-Just, Desmoulins etc. aren't unfamiliar to you: JOIN US! :D

We do accept every kind of revolutionary art: digital and traditional, portrets, comics, illustrations, parodies, paintings, drawings, even crafts!

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Viva La Revolution!
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The only reason the Revolution happened was because of the bankers of Paris. Let's be honest here, it could had easily happened during the French Religious Wars, or when Henri the Fourth was murdered or when Catherine de Medici's sons ruled.

The monarchy was restored.
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Girls! Today is the day in which Bastille fells down!!!
Today Marat was STABBBED, much to the relief of Danton, Robespierre and many other radicals.
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General Estates today, the 5th of May ... Robespierre's birthday tomorrow, the 6th of May!
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... Anyone remember that Lucile Desmoulins dies today, 13th of April?
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