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Meteor Glimps 2

By FrenchinAlps
Hi everyone

NEW Meteor Glimps 2

- New colors
- New RSS Reader
- Now Date
- New icons for Rocketdock or others
- Weather works very good without Accuweather

And always Hugo icon for create a shortcut to shutdown !

And it's a real pleasure for me to find Meteor Gimps in for presenting their program !!

Enjoy !

IF you have problems with first Meteor Glimps, you will find the answers in this one (README), i hope, so DOWNLOAD

For problems with the others themes which use Weather, U have to use code of and replace "xoap" by "xml" on URL line in your skin's folder.
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Requires a little bit of tweaking in the .ini but a good theme. Love it!
i dont knw how to install dis theme.......plzz help me my email iz
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hey i just downloaded this help me go install this
How can i change the time from weather from 12 hours to 24 hours?
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for us noobs that don't know jack about programming, the lack of a working weather skin and music player kinda grinds my gears. also the rss is french, you probably already know that. I do love the artwork and cleanliness of the design though. wish some stuff worked.
Hi,its downloading as a zip file, how can i install it?
Ok. I am brand new at this and am having a large amount of trouble getting this set up. Is there any chance you could give me a quick run down? I have saved the file I downloaded from here under skins and themes but I can't pull it up. Thanks for the help in advance!
is there anyway you can change the winamp display to an itunes one?
im having problems, i cant get the weather and music player to display any information
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I do not really know how to use the icons, could you guve me some infos plz?

PS: Very nice work, your skin is wonderfull!
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For used icons, you need Rocketdock: "[link]"
(or others,like stardock)
Put all icons in: C:\ProgramFiles\Rocketdock\Icons
On your dock, rightclick on first line (proprieties)
Choose icon you want

Thanks for choosing Meteor Glimps 2
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this makes me moist.
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I have a problem with installing the theme.
I put it in both the folder Library\documents\Rainmeter\skins and then in the Skin folder that is in C\programs\Rainmeter\Skins
but i can't see anything when i try to load it, maybe you could help out a bit?
Thanks in advance!
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First, thanks to have downloaded this theme !

Maybe I can help you:

1/ install Meteor Glimps in .....\documents\Rainmeter\skins
2/ open Meteor Glimps decompressed zip (maybe in your "download " files and choose "planete-ring" as desktop
3/ open Rainmeter, right click on "config" and install one by one: Winamp circles, digital circles, HUD, etc... in HUD choose all HDD simple (not .line)
4/ open manage themes and save like Meteor Glimps with option "save wallpaper with theme"

That's all *if you had install another theme before, close each skin in "skin menu"

In future, I install the new beta version of rainmeter 1.2 with Rainstaller include but for moments, i think they have some problems with colours icons in 1.2
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Rainmeter.NET actually, and we were glad to feature your suite, it's really a good one!
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Really happy !

I have a question for Rainmeter beta version. I tried this one few days ago with a part of new theme( applications inspired by Arachnid) in preparation and it seems some icons(.png) are brightless and out of focus than 1.1 version ?. Maybe it's my eyes !!
Very good idear to include Raininstaller in beta
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