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Meteor Glimps

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It's my second theme and i hope you like !!


Hudvisions 2.2 :[link]
Katana (i don't remember where i found
Enigma included in Rainmeter
Winamp circles (modified colors):[link]
Digital circles (modified colors): [link]
Rocket docks sublims icons by Xylomon :[link]
A flying saucer to switch off
Thanks to: Gerguter, Jiri Mahel, Kaeli, Xylomon for their fanstatic works

NEWS: Since 18 May, you will find Meteor Glimps 2:
-new colors, date, new RSS, new icons and for outside US:
here: [link]
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songndancemanNew Deviant

Nice work, keep it up \m/

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the wallpaper is in the zip
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Please Give Me the Wallpaper Link :*

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can i get the instructions too please.. 
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baal-spawnHobbyist Photographer
dude this is awesome
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Was the rocket dock skin change part of the Meteor Glimps download?
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nirropogiStudent Artist
how to install it? pls email me
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you have to have winamp downloaded and play your music through that. when minimized it will function on your desktop
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this is not as easy as install and done, you need to customize this to your liking, 1st step download the folder drag into the rainmeter documents and than you turn load and unload in the manage section of rainmeter, you do this to the files that end with ini
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How do you install tis?? can you please email me ( or posting here??thank you
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how do you install this?? email me please
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please send me the wallpaper of the meteor same as im the preview coz the theme suits it the best ...

my email is ninadnehete@gmail
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Please give me a detailed explanation on how to install it.
shutterbugsow's avatar
Please tell me the every bit of how to install this theme
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too good please tell me how to install this theme in my windows 7
sudarshan093's avatar
its too good please tell me how to install this theme
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My email is :)
sudarshan093's avatar
hey did u get to know how to install it ?if u did please tell me
hello833's avatar
Your previous comment on installing is confusing because I don't see what Rainmetre folder is.
Can you send my an email with detailed instructions? :D
Would appreciate it because some of my friends want it too
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How do you install this thing? :O
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oh nevermind.. found your Glimps 2 (sorry)
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The Accuweather app doesnt work anymore?
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Nice bit of work there.
jmarvino's avatar
Crap.. the accuweather app doesnt work anymore??
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