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MMD Yandere Simulator - Random models pack DL



Hiiii ! Here is a new pack coming contening Uekiya Engeika, Yandere-kun, Amai Odayaka, Nemesis and Victim-chan (with pastel colors and flowers). Wink/Razz 

Bullet; Red Don't edit (if you know how to unlock from pmx editor and the textures).
Bullet; Red Don't redistribuate !!
Bullet; Red No R18 and gore !!
Bullet; Red Don't claim as your own !!
Bullet; Green Shipping is fine.
And credit me (French Fries), YandereDev, Druelbozo, DerpyPixelz and Tda please !!

Female base by TDA, Eva-Star11, Stylc.
Male base by TDA, Stylc, Xoriu, Cylops2000.
Skirt by nekovampire95 and idolmaster, edited by me.
Top, shoes, shirt, pants, blazer and Victim-chan's hair by Game Asset Studio, YandereDev.
Armband, kerchief, Nemesis' hair and Lily by YandereDev, Druelbozo.
Keyring by JimothyGreen12.
Uekiya and Yandere-kun's hairs, flowers by DerpyPixelz.
Faces edits by Tda, Holyray09raspbelReggieAndCheeseAngelica-Lime and KyoukiIkki.
Amai's front hair by RageXYZ.
Amai's back hair by Adoyan.
Amai's eye texture by PixelSheikah.
Apron by XHellSnakeX.
Headcap by HiloMMD and ILLUSION
Faces, eyes, bodies, armband, socks, hair, shoes, apron, kerchief, flowers, headcap and skirt textures are made and edited by me.

Poses by MMDMikuxLen.

DL : Please link me to what you've done with them ! :D (Big Grin) 
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