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Published: September 6, 2010
Below is a copy of the "Read Me" File Attached in the Compressed .Zip folder. Individual Icon Deviation Links also below.

I give full credit to the websites that own some of the logos in my icons(websites listed below), and in no way am I claiming that I own their logos at all. I also give full credit to these websites for the derivatives I made from looking at their logos as well.

With that being said, please only use these icons for non-commercial or "personal use" only, as I am (However the OpenFontLibrary icon may be used for commercial purposes). I'm offering this Free Web Icon pack up for download because I think the icons I made for my personal use looked nice so that you guys can enjoy them in whatever website or project your doing that involves them. ^^

I made them using Photoshop 7. They are all 50x50 .pngs with transparent backgrounds. Some might come out smoother than others, but oh well. Hope you enjoy them!

Please link back to this deviation or my deviantART account if you use them if possible if not, then faving the deviation is fine.

Icons Included:

Facebook - [link] - Social Networking - Individual Icon --> [link]
Obsidian Dawn - [link] - Photoshop&GIMP Resources - Individual Icon --> [link]
stock.xchng vi - [link] - Stock Photo Website - Individual Icon --> [link]
abduzeedo - [link] - Photoshop Resources - Individual Icon --> [link]
BlendFu - [link] - Photoshop Brushes - Individual Icon --> [link]
Brush King - [link] - Photoshop Brushes - Individual Icon --> [link]
Brusheezy - [link] - Photoshop Brushes - Individual Icon --> [link]
Color Combos - [link] - Color Schemes&Palettes - Individual Icon --> [link]

Colour Lovers - [link] - Color Trends + Palettes (yes, I'm aware the icon says color lovers and not colour lovers XD) - Individual Icon --> [link]

Color Scheme Designer 3 - [link] - Color Scheme Designer(REALLY useful, go check it out!) - Individual Icon --> [link]
Color Picker - [link] - Online Color Picker Tool, HTML Color Codes
deviantART - [link] - Logo Credit --> [link] - Individual Icon --> [link]
dafont - [link] - Font Directory - Individual Icon --> [link]
Photoshop 7 - Adobe Photoshop Version 7 Logo - Individual Icon --> [link]
photos8 - [link] - Free Stock Pictures - Individual Icon --> [link]
photobucket - [link] - Image Host - Individual Icon --> [link]
ImageReady 7 - Adobe ImageReady Version 7 Logo - Individual Icon --> [link]
OpenFontLibrary - [link] - Font Directory (Commercial Use Allowed for this one in Particular) - Individual Icon --> [link]
ImageShack - [link] - Image Host - Individual Icon --> [link]
Photoshop Lady - [link] - Photoshop Tutorials - Individual Icon --> [link]
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