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Fire Red Nuzlocke 40.1

Another split page! But this time the next part will take another while to be updated. It's all drawn out though! And it has a surpriiiiise! Won't say
if it's good or bad though. >:D

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LongLiveHumour's avatar

The way you draw faces fills me with joy.

MandyMiriana's avatar

Anger is a tiring thing to hold onto. Glad to see Chipo overcome that and make amends with Pippi. Also, pancakes :>

uchihaguy's avatar

You did amazing with the lighting! Under the tree... It was very pretty.

I'm finally thinking of doing my own comic and I'm studying a little bit from yours. What software do you use? How do you format the drawing to fit enough panels?

french-teapot's avatar

Thank you so much! I gotta admit, I was really happy with how that turned out too. :D

That's awesome you're thinking of doing a comic! It's fun. c: I personally use procreate on the iPad, but photoshop would do the job just fine too. I also don't really plan how the panels are going ro be placed. I have a rough idea of what I want, and then the panels will move and grow/shrink based on the drawing. I just go one panel at a time basically.

Hope that helps!

uchihaguy's avatar

That does help! I would like a little more detail on the image size though. Is each image its own file before you compile them all together? What is your starting image size?

french-teapot's avatar

Oh no, I set up the canvas to be 1000px wide, by however long I can make it. In procreate I think the maximum length when I do it is just over 16000px. Then I just draw the panels straight on. If I run out of room, I start a new canvas, and when it's all done I stitch everything together on photoshop!

Mulunia's avatar

Ahhh, this is so good and heartfelt I legit teared up a little. I love this story so much.

french-teapot's avatar

Ahhh thank you! 8D

Songal's avatar

Never put off till tomorrow, what can be done today. Good to see everyone beginning to make up and heal and hug!

drawitout's avatar

I'm so glad you're still working on this comic! It's superb!

Naxal710's avatar

Pancakes are sweeter when everyone is friends.

Southrobin's avatar

Was such a blast of nostalgia to reread your nuzlocke from start to finish. Can't believe its been 9 years already 0.0 The improvement with each page shows!

Your dedication to finishing this comic is amazing, and I hope to have that kind of perseverance someday.

Southrobin's avatar

Yay Nuzlocke <3

PokeRouge's avatar

It is good to see Chipo's angry grief start to dissipate so he can go on and make amends with the rest of his team following Poesie's death. :aww: The choice to make the apology between Chipo and Pippin wordless is very precious. :heart:

RisingStarWitch's avatar

Yessss, finally :D Been waiting for when Chipo and French would make up, also French's dad is adorable

Ryua's avatar

Ok, this is just so precious and adorable and satisfying and I am so happy. All of these poor people really need some hugs and some love and some pancakes. They deserve it.

Module1's avatar

Pancakes and emotional healing, now THAT'S the good stuff right there.

coldfire323's avatar

What a beautiful update, omg

Riboo's avatar

Aw, this whole scene, all the BG skills, art skills, everything has def stepped the hell up since the last time you posted a page >w> Really loving the moments between French and Chip, also I really love the visual story telling with his apology toward the end, it says more through the way you have Dodrio behave with its active heads taking turns more than anything, and I really love how you used that here ;w;<3 ALSO THE COLORS, I'm just this page is tasty looking I love it<3

french-teapot's avatar

Ahhhh thank you SO much! Yeah I wanted to push myself a bit with the backgrounds, especially involving the house since I knew it was the only thing I had full control over; I made it in Sims 4 just to take screenshots for this. XD So I'm glad it paid off!

I really appreciate the comment! :D

Blueeyeddrago's avatar

Now this is a satisfying moment.

Chinchoti's avatar

Is the surprise that we finally get to see Blue again? I miss my boi!

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