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Fire Red Nuzlocke 39.2

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Part 2!
Sorry for the lack of battle but my notes literally said 'Wilton and Matilda decimate Giovanni'.

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Chibi-PikaProfessional Digital Artist

I really love how you made the bros' conversation the focus of this one since the fight wouldn't have been very interesting, it worked out great!

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riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist

rob: silver's dad, is really kinda bad

he's all i want but he's evil (just a tad)

reggie can't u see? my boss is just the guy for me

i know it's sad, but i'm in love with silver's dad

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french-teapot Traditional Artist

A moving piece of literature.

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metortaNew Deviant

is this the finale? or will you be doing the elite 4 too?

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french-teapot Traditional Artist

Oh of course! This isn't the end at all. c:

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I just found this comictoday and ive read thought ALL of the pages in an hour xD i loved it so much im so excited!

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Well, Giovanni admits failure and orders the disbandment of Team Rocket, which is a real blow for Robert...

So where will Robby turn to now that he's out of work?

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french-teapot Traditional Artist

Thanks for all your comments! They were super fun to read through. :XD:

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Bravo to the team! And excellent dialogue and story development. Also yay for parent appearance!

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troblsomtwins829Hobbyist General Artist

...I never realized.... oh sweet boy. My sweet gay boy. My heart weeps for you ;A;

Giovanni is such a jerk though, totally in character for him.

Dude, I'm loving your adventures, I've been following off and on since it started, but I keep coming back to more excitement and story and I just love these characters. You've done such a great job!

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french-teapot Traditional Artist

Thank you do much! I appreciate that! :

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LeafiaPaigeHobbyist General Artist


i saw the blushies throughout the page and was like "!!!! oh god oh no be careful"


to actually see him get rejected, and in that way, it's just heartbreaking ;m;

I hope Rob DOES end up going with them, he needs some direction after all this mess :c

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InnuDoggy Traditional Artist

That was heartbreaking. Poor Rob.

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist

I was... SO excited and shipping SO HARD THERE

And then my heart broke for poor little Rob.

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Lys-AntigoneHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh, Rob, that was way too bold a move... Isn't Giovanni like ten or twenty years older than you anyway? You can find someone better. Pick up your heart from the floor and go back to your brother so he can show you what healthy relationships look like.

As sad as it is to see Rob crushed like that, I think that's the first time we see a softer side to him? Now let's hope he can recover from this so this softer side has a chance to grow.

Man, the way you drew those hands is perfect, just like all the facial expressions (all the time in everything you draw). And the body language in the next panel is also on-point.

french-teapot's avatar
french-teapot Traditional Artist

It really makes me glad that you picked up on Rob's more caring aspects. It's certainly a trait that I wanted to make clear in this part.

Thank you so much!

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NoblejanobiiHobbyist Digital Artist

If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in two

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RisingStarWitchHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh noooo :( Rob....I feel sad for him

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AnimeFan4Eternity23Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh Rob... You poor thing. You can do so much better than him! DX Find yourself a real man who can love you! Or at least, mend your bond with your brother... ;n;

Yeah, I somehow knew that Giovanni wouldn't be interested in Rob that way, but... Gah! That hurt to see. Poor guy. >.<

French won though, at least! :'D Yay! Although, with a Vileplume and Golduck, was there any doubt she would? XD

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AnkoArtProfessional Traditional Artist


owie, my heart...

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Piplup88908Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Robert deserves better.

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yeyepizProfessional Filmographer

The brothers conversation breaks my heartso bad oh ohh hnonw w

and then oh god i'm so broke, please somebody hold Rob

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vidgamer123Hobbyist Digital Artist


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