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Fire Red Nuzlocke 39.1

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Unfortunately I had to split the page. T_T Which is a shame cos I don't tend to get comments on the first parts as much..
It was too long, but on the upside, the gyms are all done!

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The first half is so sweet, love the Dodrio trying to fly with its stumpy wings and two floppy heads. And French's expression when it's Giovanni she'll be facing. Excellent.

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist

OMFG that whole flying scene just fills me with delight. Your art is so emotive, so clean and good.

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AnimeFan4Eternity23Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hoo boy, it's French vs Giovanni once again! :D And I just adore Reg. XD Love his little interaction with Rob there. LOL I'm surprised Rob was so civil to them, but... well, he's always appeared to be the most composed and dignified of the brothers. X3

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mr21snoopyNew Deviant
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AnkoArtProfessional Traditional Artist

OOOO!!!! Here we go!!!

I adore how you write every character. There's so much personality in your work!

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gamerblackjacketHobbyist Digital Artist
Like damn
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gamerblackjacketHobbyist Digital Artist
Fuuuuuuccccck dude
I get this is fan made but that rejection was hurtful
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Piplup88908Hobbyist Traditional Artist

O've missed this

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GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh great, this a-hole again


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TeeterGlanceHobbyist Digital Artist

AAAA it's so good to see this comic again!! I've missed Reg and French's expressive faces

Now to battle the big boss... hope there aren't any casualties :(

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PokeRougeHobbyist Digital Artist

I appreciate Reggie's dorkiness in your Nuzlocke comic, he is such a source of nice ray of sunshine and sweet humour. :D

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CozyKomalaHobbyist Digital Artist
Let us appreciate Crobat's baby feets
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Yeeeeee its timmmmmmeeeee


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I love your composition

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