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Tutorial: Applique / Team Fortress patches

By freltana
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So we're doing a group cosplay of Team Fortress and I thought I'd make a tutorial of how I made my patches for the others in the group. I considered having our patches embroidered, but this looks nice enough that I'm happy with it :)

Important note: this is a technique that's really super awesome and can be used for any kind of patch, or really anywhere where you wanna attach a fabric design to a different fabric. I've used applique to make Darren's Akatsuki cloak, and for many other things. Deviantart has a bunch of good tutorials on the subject, that's where I learned about it, so if you wanna know more just do an 'applique' search!

Some tutorial mention using freezer paper or something... I don't think you can get that in SA, so I always go for applique paper (available in fabric/craft sewing shops). It's pretty expensive, but truly worth it!

I'm by no means a pro on the subject, and I encourage you to take what you want from this tutorial and adapt what you learn to suit your own project needs! :D
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Thanks, this is awesome because I am thinking of doing an engineer!
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This is a HUGE help. I've been wanting to know how to do the patches for so long. Now to show it to the other folks in my own TF2 cosplay group.
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This is a great tutorial! I'll keep it in my references in case I ever finally do any cosplays... :giggle: