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~Hey Boy~  by Emmyhedghog22 ~Hey Boy~ :iconemmyhedghog22:Emmyhedghog22 5 17
Art Raffle
Update #4: I'll be  picking the winners at around 8pm GMT +1 today. People can still join until then if they wish, but I'll have the results posted by the end of the day!
Update #3: Finally decided the deadline for the raffle will be the 12th of July!
I know it's kinda long but after vacation I want to be able to take some time to practice with what I want before focusing on what I owe people again.;;
Update# 2: 4th prize added!
Update #1: Deadline may change since I'm not sure I'll get through my to-do list before the 9th. The deadline will be whenever I get through my to-do list or whenever I hit 1000 watchers (Not sure which will come first) On another note, If I hit 20 people in this raffle I will add in 4th place prize!
Okay so I made a poll about this yesterday and some of you wanted a raffle so here goes~
So I just came back to DA after about 2-3 years or so?? To say thank you to those who are still here watching me I wanted to hold an art raffle. ;; (New watchers can join
:iconkayeile:KayeilE 27 72
Springtrap and Deliah (Page 118) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 118) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,448 548 Pan Ace by Akira-the-Wolfberry Pan Ace :iconakira-the-wolfberry:Akira-the-Wolfberry 9 5 HS - Dirk x Jake - A Second Chance - Act 2.1Cover by ChibiEdo HS - Dirk x Jake - A Second Chance - Act 2.1Cover :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 15 7 Sonic the Wannabe Comic by Tri-Jean Sonic the Wannabe Comic :icontri-jean:Tri-Jean 2,133 534 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 109) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 109) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,569 674 Sweet by kuupan Sweet :iconkuupan:kuupan 114 3 Meme challenge by ILightningStarI Meme challenge :iconilightningstari:ILightningStarI 71 3
Commission prices
My plushies are made of minky and machine-embroidered eyes and cutiemarks.
The price includes the usual pony monochrome body and mane. If you want a pony with a colored mane, body or clothing, it added to the base price of the additional cost.
Additional options:
Pegasus outstretched wings - 20$Changelings or Chrysalis - 30$Each additional color mane - 10$
removable shoes (4 pcs) - 30$Golfs 1 color (for a couple) - 20$Knee strip (per pair) - 25$Scarf 1 color (for a couple) - 15$Scarf strip (per pair) - 20$Hat - 20$Points on the magnet - 10$Jacket, coat, dress - from 50$
Pony is not canon (OC) - 50% of the price before I start working.
Little pony - 10$Middle pony - 15$Big Pony - 20$Very Big Pony - 30$
Delivery is carried out anywhere in the world.
The height of 4 inches (10 cm).
The length of 6 inches (15 cm).

Chibi Pony:
The height of  6 inc
:iconmy-little-plush:My-Little-Plush 10 0
.:Commission:. Ruby by m1tchi3Du5k .:Commission:. Ruby :iconm1tchi3du5k:m1tchi3Du5k 25 1 Blue Lightning by StormLightDragon Blue Lightning :iconstormlightdragon:StormLightDragon 3 3 Hey Arnold!: Mistletoe (Page 24) by Mylastfantasy Hey Arnold!: Mistletoe (Page 24) :iconmylastfantasy:Mylastfantasy 196 18 Hey Arnold - Spin the bottle pg12 by ingridochoa Hey Arnold - Spin the bottle pg12 :iconingridochoa:ingridochoa 127 9 Joyful Fiery -WITH SPEEDPAINT- by SkywaySky Joyful Fiery -WITH SPEEDPAINT- :iconskywaysky:SkywaySky 88 14 .: Custom fantroll :. BeIlatrix by X-asterEquinox-X .: Custom fantroll :. BeIlatrix :iconx-asterequinox-x:X-asterEquinox-X 19 4


This is my bestie <3 as a vampire , I wanted to get this done for today as its her birthday!!! Happy birthday darling  klaudiaberry hope u like this version of ur mythical self 

:iconklaudiaberry: All rights to her 
NAME: Megan Lynch (Meganar,Luna )  but is referred to as lady lynch by her fathers pack
AGE: 16
PARENTS:  dad is the Alpha of a pack but her mum is a elemental witch making her a half breed but she inherited the wolf side (some refer there child as a demon dog having both magical blood and beast blood ) however parents are no longer together
ABILITIES: obviously speed,strength,stamina is above more than a human but she's still young so not at her best yet, can turn however much she likes into a wolf but anger is sometimes a problem that can course her to change and the moon strengthens her abilities but more likely to lose control in wolf form So be careful of that , she does have magic but can only do her birth element which is fire but bad mix as fire fuels on anger much like her wolf side , sense of smell is very good same with hearing she can track people down very easily
LIKES: Forests , pumpkins , coffee (mocha mostly) , lots of stars in the night sky , storms  , swimming , secretly likes being called lady lynch , being in wolf form in the open , meat
DISLIKES: Vegetables, silver ... , tiny annoying imps , hunters , being shouted at , stupid humans  , animal cruelty , cutting her claws
TITLE: Lady Megan Lynch ( Beta werewolf , next in line to be Alpha\Luna)
BACKGROUND: Grew up not knowing any of this till one day she got more emotional, tired , angry , she went to sleep one night and started changing when her mother realised what was happening she told her who she was  , she's next in line in one of the biggest packs , but she's also the third daughter of the third daughter so in witch law means u would be more powerful which is why she is a werewolf with magic as it allowed her to have both even if the werewolf side is stronger . Now she knows she also realised all the people she knew are also different , its stated that mythical beings no matter the species are more likely to interact  together , they are often seen as the outcasts of the humans so don't always get along with them even if they are both unaware of who they are .
She found out her best friend is actually a Vampire which is meant to be her worst enemy but they both don't care and think this rivalry should be left alone , they formed a team of friends to protect there land and (they guess) the humans from mythicals who don't follow the rules such as imps !

Side note: I'm a massive day dreamer and one thing I dream about night or day is what would it be like if I found out I had powers? Not just me but people I made friends with and others ? To have the point of view on reality completely shifted , I always wished on all things strange and watching things as a kid , it was all mainly about magic or spirits of some kind even now  I'm still drawn to the supernatural , I believe most things are real so just maybe it would be  pretty cool think it was possible

This is based on many things Like there are reasons for why i'm what i am and everyone else , my mums a pagan and she loves witchcraft like our house is covered with wicca stuff like we even have cauldrons no joke but even books on spells and healing the mind with remedies and spiritual stuff So i thought a witch suits her , plus my family come from England and Ireland many if u trace our roots , on my dads side its Ireland and the Celtic tribe so paganism was used a lot then too , my dads a werewolf coz he's so tall and strong like he looks like he could be one haha he was in the army so had a lot of stamina to do that, we are all dog people too , my dad and mum owned lots of dogs over the years and also werewolves tend to be said to have anger issues sooooooo yeah check , also i used references before  Such as my mum used to always say i'm lucky as the third daughter of the third daughter is always the strongest in power idk if its from a book or series like charmed ??? idk and also in English folklore Black dogs with red eyes always show up so when i said demon dog I'm referring to that

I will be drawing everyone else hopefully soon , this is what i sorta look like plus how i want to look lol
Tetra (belated birthday gift)
I doubt belated even counts now Sweating a little...  anyway I found a sketch among my stuff on my laptop and remembered I promised Akira-the-Wolfberry a drawing of this cutie so here it is , I tried to shade it , I do love this fursona its super cute and plus we both like the fish so I included A badly drawn neon tetra , again really sorry about how late this is 

Tetra belongs to :iconakira-the-wolfberry: All rights to her for this character please do not steal 

(happy super super super super many years later basically birthday)


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