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Mr Stork

About three or four years ago, I tried to draw Mr. Stork (from Disney's "Dumbo"), but then decided to scrap the whole thing because I didn't like how it turned out.  I told myself I wanted to fix it up one day, but then I ended up forgetting all about it... that is, until just the other day when I was going through my drawing folders and I happened to stumble across it.  I decided to finally go back in and fix it up as much as I could... mostly because I'm still a fan of the character so I wanted to provide some fan-art of him in some way, and because I've been slacking on my drawing duties as of late, so I figured it'd be a good way for me to finally submit something again... since I'm sure my watchers don't appreciate me only drawing something once every other month... or much longer than that.  Again, sorry about that, folks! :stupidme:

This isn't a great drawing by any means, which is probably why I scrapped it so long ago... but I tried to fix it up as much as I could, and I think it's at least decent-looking now.  Yeah, I know I probably should've added Mr. Stork's shadow on the bag itself, but I tried that once and didn't like the look of it, so I removed it and just went with what you see here.  If you guys think I should re-add it back on, let me know.  Otherwise, if there's anything else I can improve with this picture, please let me know that, too.  

In any case, I hope you guys like it! :nod:


Added some lines to his knees (or whatever the proper term is for a bird) so they're no longer so plain.
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I wish he met Lionel, Sebastian, Fair Dinkum, Barnaby, Lilli, and Q.T. that’d be great. 

Dumbo: Hello Mr. Stork long time no see since you delivered me to my mom. 

Mr. Stork: Ah yes I remember now how’s she doing? 

Dumbo: Fine thank you for asking. 

Mr. Stork: So I suppose you made some new friends right? 

Dumbo: Of course I did this is Barnaby, Sebastian, Q.T, Fair Dinkum, and this is Lionel. 

Mr. Stork: I’m so glad to meet you all.
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Sterling Holloway sounds very drowsy but very charming 

P.S. I think the stork is very handsome; he reminds me of crane from Kung fu panda
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Nice, don't you like the way his voice came out?
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Sterling Holloway was a voice actor of Disney, from 1941's Dumbo to 1977's The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
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Looks pretty cool to me, well done. :)
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He appeared in another cartoon, but I can't remember which one.
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I forgot about that short.  I am (or rather, was) aware of its existence, but now that I think about it, I've never seen it.  I did look up the name, and apparently it's "Lambert the Sheepish Lion".  I'll have to track that one down one day.
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That's it!  Thanks! :D
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