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Radian Linear Visualizer 1.9.3

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A highly customizable audio visualizer built off of MarcoPixel's Monstercat Visualizer for Rainmeter.
Visit The Radian Project official site
Rainmeter 3.2.1 r2386 or higher must be installed. Download it at

  • Live visualization for enjoyable music playback
  • 36 unique settings for enhanced customizability
  • Support for all major media players
  • Simple media controls
  • Rhythmical frequency bar
  • Instant audio scrubbing for most media players
  • Cover flip animation when transitioning between songs
  • Dynamic color transitioning
  • Options skin for easy customization
  • Automatic visualizer 'hiding'
    List of Settings
  • Media Player
  • Scale
  • Track Format
  • Dual Visualization
  • Mirror Visualizer
  • Port
  • Auto Hide Visualizer
  • FFT Size
  • Smoothing
  • Sensitivity
  • FFT Overlap
  • Amplifier
  • Bar Width
  • Bar Spacing
  • Minimum Bar Size
  • Min Frequency
  • Max Frequency
  • FFT Attack
  • FFT Decay
  • Dynamically Translucent Bars
  • Translucency Formula
  • Bar Color
  • Dynamic Color Speed
  • Dynamic Color Amplifier
  • Hide Progress Bar
  • Hide Rhythm Bar
  • Hide Track Information
  • Hide Background
  • Font 1
  • Font 2
  • Font 1 Size
  • Font 2 Size
  • Progress Bar Color
  • Rhythm Bar Color
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Cover Outline Color


1.9.2 Linear Visualizer Full
  • Switched to Rainmeter 3.2.1 r2386
  • Major performance updates
  • +Rhythmical Bar improvements
  • +Automatic FFTSize and Smoothing scaling to CPU usage
  • +Added cover flip animation when transitioning between songs
  • +Added Progress Bar, Rhythmical Bar, and Bar color settings
  • +Added ‘Dynamic’ wildcard to color settings
  • +Added Port setting
  • +Added AutoHideVisualizer
  • +Added Min and Max Frequency
  • +Added Reset All button to reset all settings to default
  • +Added scrubbing correction
  • +Re-added Background option
  • +Re-added Background color option
  • +Reduced revert,apply button size
  • +Improved variable info
  • +Asian character support
  • +Custom skin menus
  • *Fixed some formatting errors
  • -Removed Radiant Text
  • -Removed Mini Config Menu
  • -Removed Spotify scrubbing
Bugs and Fixes
  • Visualizer bars cut off at the top
    • Change Sensitivity or Amplifier option in settings skin
  • Visualizer is lagging/slow
    • Change FFTSize or Smoothness option in settings skin
    • Turn off Translucent Bars and Dual Visualizers
    • Unload settings skin
  • Track information is not showing correctly
    • Make sure Media Player is set correctly
    • Make sure your antivirus is not blocking the Spotify Plugin (AVG may have a problem)
    • Refresh skin
    • Restart Rainmeter
  • Visualizer cant be dragged around
    •  Open Rainmeter Manage menu (click the rainmeter icon in the icon tray), navigate to LinearVisualizer.ini and select it. To the right, there should be some checkboxes. Uncheck 'Keep on screen'.
  • Visualizer is 'jumpy' or 'twitchy'
    • Refresh skin
    • Restart Rainmeter
  • Original code structure - MarcoPixel
  • AudioLevel Plugin - dgrace from the Rainmeter Forums
  • Spotify Plugin - .raptor from the Rainmeter Forums
  • Nexa Font - FontFabric
  • Media Controls Icons - Material Design icons by Google (…)
    © 2015 - 2020 FreezingClouds
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    very good uwu

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    ehy there, awesome skin, i love it, but it seems not to work with CAD for the album, song name etc. Also, when i swap to spotify and back, it resets to default WMP. Am i doing something wrong? thanks

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    hey I love it, but I cant see the song title

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    The skin cant seem to show the song title

    Company-Records's avatar

    Can you implement "TIDAL" support?

    Allie24Sone's avatar

    HI can you help me fix this I restarted rainmeter many times and deleted this visualizer but its still the same

    rojinshin's avatar

    Absolutely amazed by this visualizer. Awesomely done. BRAVO

    Throndir's avatar

    Requesting support for WebNowPlaying plugin.

    DeadSound7's avatar

    how to install this

    WhiteWidowFR's avatar

    Doesnt work with Winamp :'(

    JESAL1512's avatar

    awesome work dude , marvellous skin , thank you for your hardwork !!! keep it up.

    Silence-Landslide's avatar

    Thank you for sharing. I usually use spotify when I go for a run or go to work. But I'm sorry that I can not use this music as a background when I play online. I often have a desire to turn on the stream and music is important in this case. I usually use royalty free ads music. There are both calm and rhythmic options. You can see it yourself in the catalog on the site.

    AiR-Squad-1's avatar

    Only FAKing spotify.

    AiR-Squad-1's avatar

    Author, fix the Aimp and another MP. Responce. Or strikewarn.

    MahdiGhasemi's avatar

    the visualizer doesn't find title and artist in Winamp.

    Could you help me, please?

    mOwOmOwOm's avatar

    Does the dynamic color changing mean that the speed of the color changes changes with the music? Because I've been trying to sync it with a wallpaper from wallpaper engine but sooner or later it always manages to get out of sync. How could I fix this?

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    DavidGeekArtist's avatar

    how do i manage to change colors of bars

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