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Ive recently joined the IN team and was fortunate enough to be able to collab with proxxy on a piece for this release :D

Its a great, great, great release, check it out guys!……
Hey everyone,

At Cosmosys we have launched two new forum skins, a new dark theme and a new light skin. Here is how you can change your theme, go all the way to the bottom of the forum, on the right hand side there will be something called "Quick Theme" press on the arrow, and you will see the new themes, they are; "Apart Dark & Apart Light". I hope you guys like these two new themes, we decided to leave our Black Evo theme as an option too.

****We are still accepting artists applications****

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Is finally out :D

great pack i must say, good job guys :D………
Just to let you guys know, i aint dead, i havent been releasing many pieces on dA because most of the pieces I made recently all went towards an art pack (revuh namely,hint hint) and also CMS. With that i havent had much time for my own work, lifes busy and its a week long holiday for me now but theres still quite alot of work to be done.

Im feeling inspired though, just looked at bimberion's stuff… its amazing really, ive seen his stuff on magazines, blogs, i never knew exactly which artist made it and now his gallery is just awe inspiring.

Just gonna say thanks to everyone, im in a really inspired mood cause of all the amazing art thats going around, lookee i even starteda tumblr! follow me there guys or repost your tumblrs so i can see what you got :D

I think im on the verge of a style switch, a pretty major one, im gnna go for a less effect based style quite soon i hope.

Well cheers guys, i aint dead
Im slumped :/

i cant seem to produce ANYTHING, its summer and its been ages since i started a piece and i cant get out of this @_@

i like it. alot.
Happy holidays everyone :D
Hi to all my watchers, first of all thanks to everyone whose been looking and liking my work, i'm PULLING CLOSE TO 9000 PAGEVIEWS : D

anyways alot of stuffs been going on, one of which is I finally got around to trying to print my DDed piece, slice of life, on a shirt. I got MANY requests for this from you guys.…

Here's the link to the contest, I needa win the contest in order for the shirt to go into production, so please sign up at poligraphic and vote for my t-shirt :]

cheers guys

I decided to join a new art collective for fun, and i do not at all regret it. it was awesome being able to work with so many like minded artists ;] check out the pack guys! it doesnt disappoint.

Ill be uploading three pieces i made for the pack onto dA shortly, one of them even made a featured piece ;D
I know it not much for u pros out there, but it is an achievement for me x]

First time doing a collab too with resslerd,…
Check out the piece!!
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I never actually used the journal before but i think ill start XD.

Anyways its CNY holidays. Loads of time to do gfx but i dont feel like it, everyones telling me my latest is bad while i think its my best piece so far. Is there something wrong with my eyes? D: