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COMMISSION TIME! by freezeex
Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Feel Free to comment if you have any quesstion!


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- I accept Paypal only, point commission is currently not available
- You must pay before the commission starts
- Please submit the guideline by noting me in DA or email (on the bottom of the page)
- If you want a commission please be clear and note/mail me with with a guideline, I won't put you in the slot if you just say "I want a commission"
- Once you note/mail me with the guideline I will put you in the slot
   - However, if you don't pay with in first 3 weeks, I will drop you out and let other come in
(gotta be fair and can't save slot space)
- Please credit the artist if you are using the artwork elsewhere in the internet
- Please be patient, commission usually take days, weeks or even months depending which slot you are in.
  If you cannot wait for it, then you are free to not commission me.
- Do not use my art for commercial use unless you paid for it
- I have the right to decline any commission
- Price will change according to my skills improvements and personal needs

Things I do not draw:

-Old man or women
-Extreme fetishes



Commission Example: Inu Freeze-Ex by freezeex

Bust                             = $15 USD

Full Body                     = $20 USD

A simple sketch or under painting of a character


Cel shading:

We all love Koishi~ by freezeex Commission Example: Yuki by freezeex AWA Touhou Scroll Project - Sakuya by freezeex Shugo Chara- Amu Hinamori Commission by freezeex

Bust                            = $40 USD

Waist to full body      = $65 USD

A drawing of a character using cell shading with minor soft shade



Freeze-Ex by freezeex Ice Magic by freezeex A World Filled With Light by freezeex Flan Flan~ by freezeex

Bust                            = $70 USD

Waist to full body      = $100 USD

A commission with the use of painting technique
best for rendering depth and value of the character and background



+Simple background  = $10 USD

Detail background is not available due to complexity and it's time comsuming.

+1 Character              = half of the base price

so if you want a commission with 2 characer of cell shade bust level that will be
Cel shading:
Bust          = $40 USD
+1 Chara    = $20 USD
                = $60 USD

+1 Image Layer          = $10 - 60 USD

by adding a image layer meaning
you want a one more picture that has different emotion or added feature
price will depend on the complexity
most common example would be
-hands movement, blush, facial expression
For example in R18 commission
-ejaculation, penatration, cumdrips

Private Commission   = $25 USD

Spreading out the gallery is also a big part for the artist
I would prefer commission to be public
but if you really want to be private
I will charge the $25 for the gallery.


Commercial Use:

commission               = $25 per working hour (max $250 USD)

Commercial Use Commission are quality guaranteed
The base price will included Detail background
and will drawn in any style depending on your needs.
You are allow to use the commission for commercial use.
Such as games, doujin related, selling product.
I will first give you a rough sketch and describe the approach and what will be on the artwork.
And will finalize it once you are satisfy with it.

Pricing and Payment:
The Commercial Commission are price by working hours only and will be time precisely.
meaning the commission will not be price when I am taking break/ doing personal things.
Once the payment price reaches to the maximum price
I will not charge for further work time until the work is complete.
Once, I notify you that the artwork is completed,
Commissioner will have to pay before obtaining the PSD file.

Submit Commission Guideline:

Please submit this guideline by noting me in DA or email
Make sure you have as much details for your commission, otherwise I'll hold creative rights.
Your name:
Your paypal email address:
Character's name:
Commission description: Ex (Sketch/cel shade/ painting, Poses,number of characters)
Character Background (optional): description about the character Ex(Who are they, what they do for living,)
Character reference: (insert link for image)
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What constitutes an "extreme" fetish?