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No2 comic strip

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Let the shipping war begin.

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Yennefer ofcourse!

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Yennefer's side! :D

Btw, Radovid with Triss? Odd
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Triss! Accept no substitutes!
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So who are the characters on each side?
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This is one of the single best things I've ever seen. Bravo.
but they dont agree to not be the only 1.
Thats your primitive urges at play - u need to have a man, who invests his resources solely into u and your offspring.
U cant rise above those and u wanna go to space? Or not be instructed on how to put on seat belts in planes.
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I love the drawing, but why do girls fight over such trivial things? Great drawing though; it is a great satire of an event we've likely all encountered.
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I'm on Ciri's side
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hA! i love the hoss
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Oh my.. Natasha will widow someone
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Yennefer all the way! :D ;)
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