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Sunset Over the Duskies

Sunset over the Dusky Mountains of Elysia.

For use on Elysian Fields only!

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+Sunset on the Beach
+Sailing Past Ceracen

I wanted it to have a semi-fantasy feel to it, hence the textures. I loved the lighting in the original mountain stock (courtesy of =resurgere) so I didn't mess much with it. Lighting the ruins (which were once a village that was devasted by the Anyeli civil war) was difficult and time-consuming. I'm still not entirely sure how I managed it, but a combination of adjustment layers and a bit of dodge brushwork finally got it looking, to me, like it didn't stick out too badly. xD

The eagle there may be a tad on the large size (though perspective may be okay?) but that's okay because it's a fantasy scene and Elysia has some pretty large birds anyway.


Mountain stock: =resurgere
Ruins: ~SSDesigns
Eagle: ~MsCrys-Stock
Birds: ~8thwonder-Stock
Textures: =kuschelirmel-stock and Exposé @ rcr
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This is so beautiful! :love:
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Lovely! Thanks for using my stock :)
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Thank you for providing them. ^^
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wow, that's lovely~ amazing job :)
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Thank you so much. ^__^
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Thank you. ^^
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Thank you. ^^
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