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What you're made of 1

By freeny
First is a series of illustrations/ads depicting the inner workings of toy fans. This one in honor of Lego enthusiasts...

Prints available on my website- [link]
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My special pirate will appreciate this a lot.  -   He makes massive ships out of legos !
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Not a single human life can exist without LEGO ;D
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This is pretty sweet.
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That Red piece is Epic Win. :iconepicwinplz:
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Great Work relly nice!
I'm really enjoien this pice of art.
The anatomy is amazing!
But as a Medic I just have to ponit the you forgot the pair of two "Fals Ribs" the last two ribs (out of 12 pairs) that don't connect to the Sternum at all.

Bue never mind! Even so its a great work of art!

Oh and I just had to :+fav: your Gummy Bear! totally funny! :clap:
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You are referring to human anatomy, this is a gummi bear...
WildPencil's avatar
oh ok, Just the skull and spine and other bones here looks human, but if you say its a gummy bear I'll belive you :)
freeny's avatar
Ive been getting a lot of comments on my Gummi Bear spinning animation and assumed yours was as well :P

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Oh, this is awesome!
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Whats with the lego brick?
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Dunno what to say in amazement :P just faved it ;) although at first i thought the lego part would replace the heart :D
nice creativity
well done
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Looks a tiny bit too shiny for me, but brilliant none the less.
The lego brick is a great touch
DeathCross's avatar
I love concept /o/
Awesome *fav*
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I recognise all those body parts except the round thing with two long tubes. Bladder?
freeny's avatar
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Haha I love this:D
whosname's avatar
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Kinda... scary :o
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I have to ask.....what is the small acorn shaped thing under the gallbladder?
freeny's avatar
I believe it is the prostate.
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