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Pneumatic Anatomica

By freeny
www.moistproduction_com [link]

For PRINTS and more works of madness please visit my groovy flash based website, oooooh :O [link]

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback :)
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kendramcphee's avatar
Not remotely disturbing, just awesome.
ArsFatalis's avatar
You broke my mind :jawdrop:
BlackSheep6's avatar
Oh my, the skull is cracking me up!! :rofl: Imagine he'd have eyes in there, they'd be, like, melon-sized. Awesome! :clap:
Lammergeier13's avatar
I really love this idea. How creative!
Friesenliese's avatar
Great! Really great!
Duzloo's avatar
Now I wonder how this skeleton will look like if you follow the bottom's descriptions backwards :D
Chowderlover309's avatar
Drayuu's avatar
Very nice idea XD
SilverNight1996's avatar
This is just adorable.
Nice work there!
pixelmosaic's avatar
What !?? I thought they were empty inside ! This is groundbreaking discovery !
How did u manage to dissect one without exploding lol ...
Ben754's avatar
This is great!
xAccalia's avatar
Amazing! Haha xD
snowangel591's avatar
Fantastic work! Really brightened up my day of anatomy revision :P
Giar3579's avatar
LOL..XD...This is original...Awesome work..Keep up the good work!!!
tri-ngoduc's avatar
awesome! It should be featured to DD
I have the Mac skin of this!! I love it!
mrballoonatic's avatar
Didn't realise you had a DA account :)

I love you balloon flowers field :)

Gama-Kaeru's avatar
Oh my. This is somehow really REALLY disturbing... But very cool too. I wouldn't want to come across a creature like that... You study biology or something? Because to me that looks like something that'd work for real toon. Even though it looks like the poor thing can't even open its mouth. I'm still amazed, like wow...
TasogareKitsune's avatar
Wow, now this is freaky.
Waterfallwolf's avatar
11 = lol fantastic work.
ltdalius's avatar
Furry balloon poodle - now that's something you can't see every day :iconxd--plz: - Pretty amazing!
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