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This is an audition casting call for a short animation for a local convention mascot "Tosho-chan"

The animation puppets are complete, now we just need your voice to bring her to life!

Here are a few of the lines that we need (doing more than one, please include separate files please):

"Why, Hello there!"

"My name is Tosho-chan,"

"and I'm the mascot for this years Clearwater Tosho-con!"

"Thats Right! Your one-stop-shop event for anime and Japanese culture is back!"

"This July 14th, at the Clarwater Main library"

Once you are selected for the role, we will send the remaining lines. This will be a promotional video for the convention (around a minute long), but it may be possible that we create additional shorts for use within the convention itself.

Deadline was 03/08/18

Thanks to those that submitted auditions!
My patron ( is now offering a sketch suggestion reward tier; you can suggest a theme or scenario with any one of my characters and I'll pick out several to draw on a weekly basis!

Since this tier has just begun, I've basically been drawing everything people have asked for, and might actually be taking on multiple suggestions from folks. In other words, this is the best time to get in on it! XD

All sketches are streamed on
I wanted to send out a thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! I was going to respond to each one individually, but then I realized that there were 5+ pages worth of messages and yeah... that would not have worked out... So instead I'm creating this journal post thanking everyone at once! You guys rock!
I recently opened up a old newspaper that covered the JFK assassination. There was, of course, a lot of interesting articles in this particular edition (which I had already read on prior occasions), but what I was actually looking for this time around was the comics insert.

I found it, now over 50 years old, and it was kind of like finding evidence of the influence of a time traveler in the past. In the mist of these comics I had never heard about, there were a handful that were so recognizable that I could have been looking at yesterdays paper and not known the difference. They were, for the lack of a better word, timeless.

That got me thinking of a few things. Some comics became icons, some fade out of memory. I would ask why, but the most likely explanation is that each strip had its own tale of how it got to be in the paper, and how it eventually was canceled or dropped.

I guess the benchmark of success back then was how many papers you could get your strip into. Of course, you get paid more, and your visibility also increases drastically. But what about nowadays? Webcomics have come into their own, but how will their longevity hold up against time? They theoretically have access to the entire world, but how come so few ever reach a level of readership compared to printed media?

I can imagine a lot of reasons, but It's something that will take a lot of time to thing about...
I will be attending Tampa Bay Comic Con this next weekend:

To help cover table costs, I will be accepting sketch commissions starting at $20! Please send me a note if interested, as it is a shorter con, slots are very limited this time around and they tend to go fast.

1: :icontharkis: Waiting for Payment
2: :icontheman01: Ceil - Paid
3: :iconwoodrowcmayer: Freeman - Paid

This is my last con of the year *, so this won't be on offer again until next May.

* Unless Godai happens to want to split a table with me for Tampa Bay Megacon in October.
I will be attending Metrocon this next weekend:

Since it worked out so well with the previous con, and in order to help cover costs for the con, I will be taking full body sketch commissions starting at $15! Please send me a note if you are interested, as there will be a slot limit, and they tend to go fast!

xinikas-Capitol (FA) Jok+1 - Paid
:iconbrother-rosscoe: Tina/Kimi/VW - Paid
:iconjessemg: Duck - Paid
:iconziggyz0m: Badger girl - Paid
:iconpoltaije: Maya - Paid
:iconeyeinthesky5: Emma - Paid
It's rather last minute, but I will be attending Anthrocon this weekend:

In order to help cover costs for the con, I will be taking full body sketch commissions starting at $15! Please send me a note if you are interested, as there will be a slot limit, and they tend to go fast!

Current list:

:iconpoltaije: Tina - Paid
:icontwogadia: Tina - Paid
:icontwinsnake-coatl: MIkiztli - Paid
:iconeyeinthesky5: Emma - Paid
:iconmalkaiwot: Jackie - Paid
xinikas-Capitol (FA) Jok+1 - Paid
:iconcyborg-steve: - Waiting for response
:iconchristopherlee: - Waiting for response
Announcing the release of ! Poster prints and comics, all available online and with free shipping! Check it out!
I have a few slots for illustrations in the artbook that are still open, I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in contributing something for it.…

Single character colored pinup drawing, high res, no background. This would be of the cast from Caribbean Blue webcomic.

Note me if you're interested!
Featuring lots of extra content from the series, and including full page ilustrations from over 42 artists:… the dozens of people who sent me a Happy Birthday in the comments area!

Wow, I was really surprised! XD

(Check out my favs area for a few of the pics I got sent ^_^)
The long awaited Caribbean Blue artbook will be ready for release on Kickstarter early April. This will be a very short print run, only 250 hardcover books.

The book will feature 
130 pages, and aside from my own illustrations, 42 drawings from artists from around the world. Expect a lot of extras, like page progress, unused content and more!

Price will be about $65 with shipping (possibly less); so if you're interested start saving up!


Offering some livestream commissions! come get one!
A few people were asking me about this, so here it goes; there's one more chance to pick up CB Vol3 for those of you that missed the kickstarter (… ) for one reason or another.

CB Vol3 comic purchases are available via Paypal for a limited time ---->

This will be up until I place the order for the books, which may be be anytime in the next week or so. After that, they will only be for sale at conventions, and only after all the KS rewards are sent, so don't miss out!

Hey everyone!

If you leave in the central Florida area, come visit webcomic artists Godai (Rascals), Sage (Yosh!), Nekonny (Caribbean Blue) as well as Tom (Twokinds) this weekend at Shadocon!

We'll have a grand ol time as we showcase our work, do commission drawings, and offer some con exclusives for sale. Don't miss it! :D
In case you haven't heard yet, the final kickstarter for Caribbean Blue is now up!

As of this moment, we are almost 60% funded, but only have two weeks left on the clock! The good news is that only 200 people are in it so far, so based on the 400 that were in Vol 2 and 1, there's still a lot of potential out there to push us through!

Check it out here:…

It's live now!…

As always, help us spread the word and make this final edition of Caribbean Blue be the most successful one ever!

Oh, and any suggestions for other reward tiers? XD
Well, we are starting to get close to the end of Caribbean Blue. There are still enough pages left to last a few more months, but considering how long Ive been working on it it feels like thats very little time.

It's a bittersweet feeling really. I'm sorta sad to see it go but at the same time I'm glad that I'm about to actually finish a project of this size. It's sure been an amazing trip.

If you've never read it, give it a shot…. It's fairly short (310 pages), and you'll see how I progressed as both an artist and storyteller (although Ive had a lot of help from Mihari on the last third of it). Hopefully, you can excuse the early artwork XD.…

Creating webcomics is sort of like street preforming, for most it's an act of love, and if any passerby happens to toss us some change or even a smile it helps us go on. Kickstarter helped make the virtual into the pysical with prints of the first and second books, and now Patreon has been a major help in  bridgeing the gap between volumes.

If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it's like a micro tipping service that allows you to give a small amount per month (usually a buck or two) and helps us reach certain goals. Since there's strength in numbers, so I'm hoping to gather enoug small amounts to make comics a more viable endeavor for me, and help me create new tales in the future!

In any case, check it out here: and if you feel so inclined, show your humble internet superhighway performer some support! ^^
Have a question for the cast of CB?
Hey everybody! My webcomic, Caribbean Blue now has a Patreon page! :D

Patreon's a fun new way of showing support for your favorite content creators and getting some neat rewards in return!

And as we approach the end of the comic, it's also a nice way to tip your team over here at Caribbean Blue! ;)
You can join in by pledging a couple of bucks on a monthly basis (around $1-$5). We have a few rewards and tier goals set up for you, so it's almost kinda like a mini Kickstarter! You can get things like Livestream shutout-outs, HD panel images, page previews and even credit as a sponsor when new pages are released!
We also have a couple of community goals; think of them as extra content that will get released if certain thresholds are reached. "AMA's" (like the Tina one we had a short while ago), Swimsuit calendar pictures, and even a Yuki figurine are some examples.

Check out the link below, and thanks again for your support! :)