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Just a doodle I parodied with some of Toms characters (

Original panel taken from…

have fun!
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I recognized that pose right away.

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wow, girls from twokinds

fun to see fanart
Reminds me of Regular Show... or something Rainy-bleu would make...

Either way, this only gets better the more I look at this.
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I love this. That is all. :)
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Mano, eu tô querendo rir alto mas aqui onde estou todos dormem, isso tá muito ótimo socorro xD
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God that looks frightening.
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I knew who it was before I got here. :3 I'm so proud of myself.
Nice job on this. :)
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Trace:  Keith, run!
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I like the theme of Natani and Flora hanging out more. Very nicely done.
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HA!  This is freaking hilarious!  Nice  one man.
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Flora and Natani, my two most favorite of Tom's creations.
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Haha this is so cute and funny! :D
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