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The Crossing


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The Crossing


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Quiet Nights And Crazy Mornings

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Knuckles Sonic Channel 2020 Render

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Lola Bunny Sketches

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Cloudy mountains

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fidget wakes up by unlocking smartphone

Dust An Elysian Tail Collection

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Temple tree

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(TMOM Short Story) Sunset

Sunset A short TMOM story --- 100 years before the the arrival of the Sons of Heephis --- It was the final meal for the evening for Madam Sol, as she once again isolated herself. She had pulled herself into a small table with a single chair inside the empty and vacant workroom. The demigoddess ordered that no one would bother her today. Not even...Chaos. Sol needed to be alone for today. She had spent the past few days tending to as many refugees that she had the energy to see. She visited many families (or rather, what was left of them) and while it was understandable, it was always the same thing. “Where do we go now?” “Is there nothing left of our dimension?” “Will we ever go back home?” But the question she could never give an answer to without looking away was “When will the Sons of Heephis save us?” Most of them are unaware of the appearance of Zielo when the event of the Dark God’s consumption occurs. When the fallen deity enters into the dimension he chooses

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Shadow drawing process

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