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Welcome to FreeDraw!

FreeDraw-PixelArt Group Icon by realrhebok
Welcome to FreeDraw-PixelArt!

This group is specially designed for pixel artists who create their own, unique art from scratch. Whether this is isometric, non-isometric, characters or landscapes, this group is to display your custom pixel art.
Please see the rules below to get started!

Fdpa 1 by realrhebok
Defining Pixel Art:

Pixel Art is defined as art made completely pixel by pixel.
No fading tools should be used, no soft brushes, no anti-aliasing - unless it was created by hand.
These restrictions allow to create pixel art in nearly any software dedicated to editing raster graphics, starting from basic MS Paint and ending with advanced software like Photoshop or GIMP. There are however softwares dedicated solely to pixel art, like GraphicsGale, GrafX2, Aseprite and many, many more.

Pixel art should draw attention to the pixels. It should be fairly obvious that the art was created using pixels. Shading can be simple, like isometric art, or old video game art, or complex, attempting to copy other art styles. However, submissions here should NOT be shaded "anime style." This style does not draw attention to the pixels in the art, and in fact, is considered lazy shading in many art circles, including pixel art circles.
As pixel art style comes from graphics for old computers and gaming consoles, with very limited memory and computational power, it is important to pay attention to color count. Unnecessarily high number of used colors is detrimental and can result in rejecting or pushing submission to Newbie category.

A good thing to remember is...
Not all art made with pixels is considered pixel art.

Trivia - In fact, every single piece of digital art, rasterized or rendered in case of vectors and 3D respectively, is made out of pixels

Fdpa 2 by realrhebok
Defining Free Draw:

A freely drawn picture is a picture drawn completely from scratch. That means the artist drew the picture from a blank canvas. No dolls or bases, can be used, even if the base belongs to the artist.

References are perfectly acceptable, as long as they are not traced.

Exceptions to this rule are the folders: Comics, Gamedev, Ressources, Tutorials and Steps.

Fdpa 3 by realrhebok
Becoming a Member:

To become a member, simply click the "Join Group" button in the blue bar at the top of the group. All membership submissions are accepted automatically and you can submit your work to our gallery immediately!

Please see the submission rules and guidelines before submitting.

KDB2yL0DSIusVBM50jZw by realrhebok
Join us on Discord:

Fdpa 4 by realrhebok

Please note that this group is geared ONLY toward custom work. This does not mean that you cannot use references, but you cannot use exact copies of your references.

We DO NOT accept:

:bulletred: Dolls of any kind

:bulletred: Anything made from a base, even your own base.

:bulletred: Vector/"Drawn" (Not paying attention to the pixelness of pixel art)/Anime Shaded/Oekaki art.

:bulletred: Anything that is not made 100% by you from scratch.

Submission Rules:

:bulletgreen: You are allowed to submit any of your own work as long as they meet the above requirements.

:bulletgreen: Please note that we do NOT accept favs. This category serves as an archive in order to highlight artwork that has marked us.

:bulletgreen: Since our group has grown, we have decided to not accept lazy work, we now only accept work that is made with effort.

:bulletgreen: It does NOT matter how "good" your pixel art is. We accept all pixel art as long as it meets the requirements and rules. If you're new to pixel art submit to the Newbie folder. More info here.

:bulletgreen: To submit your work, PLEASE go into the gallery and submit directly to the folder it belongs to. If you don't know which folder it belongs in, please contact an admin or moderator. Thank you!

Fdpa 5 by realrhebok
Gallery Folders:

:bulletblue: Animals and Creatures - living or animated beings, includes pets and monsters with minimal background, focused on the creature.

:bulletblue: Animation - highly animated scenes and works with animation as key feature.

:bulletblue: Buildings and Vehicles - isolated buildings and vehicles.

:bulletblue: Comics - anything that tells a story.

:bulletblue: Gamedev - mockups, animations, assets and screens related to games.

:bulletblue: High Definition - realistic pixelart.

:bulletblue: Icons and Avatars - includes emoticons and stamps.

:bulletblue: Newbie - folder containing novice level pixel art (pillowshading, jaggies etc. go here)

:bulletblue: NSFW - everything with mature filter goes here ie. sexual or sexually suggestive art.

:bulletblue: Objects - objects, things and stuff i.e. misc.

:bulletblue: People and Characters - people and creatures with developed story behind them.

:bulletblue: Resources - pixel art related ressources for others to use ie. palettes, tilesets, bases.

:bulletblue: Scapes and Scenes - pictures with detailed background and scenes e.g. battle scenes, 2 or more characters.

:bulletblue: Tutorials and Steps - help others learn to make pixelart.

:bulletblue: Weapons and Armor - combat related objects, medieval and futuristic.

:bulletblue: Review - questionable works go here for admins to wonder if to deny or relocate.

Comments and Critiques:

FreeDraw highly encourages constructive criticism for its submissions, so if you want your art to be critiqued in order to improve, this is the place for you!

Fdpa 6 by realrhebok

Previous admins:
ThKaspar, RA-Meenan

If you have any questions, please contact:

Admin: realrhebok

Moderator: Flying-Snake

Gallery Folders

Dying Breed by paintpixelprint
/// by 6VCR
Remake of a remake of a remake of a remake by RHLPixels
Shop Bg1 by fool
Animals and Creatures - pets, monsters
Meltan by RoniCTz
Fat Pride ~ Evolutionary line of Chansey by PumpkinPastel
Juiblex, The Faceless Lord by Tspuun
Pikachu Pixel Gif by Lady-Pixel
Buildings and Vehicles
Steampunk Insula by SquidEmpire
Apollo by Flying-Snake
1920s Car by AlbertoV
Broccoli house by AlbertoV
Flyin' D #5- His Wisdom and Knowledge Enlightens by RHLPixels
Flyin' D #4 - A Curious Discovery by RHLPixels
Gamedev - mockups
Smash shot project: Some designs. by Zeh1999
Portal Sprites by PixElthen
Megaman X4 by AlbertoV
Totem Sprites by PixElthen
Icons and Avatars - emoticons, stamps
hoot hoot by cute-Ieopard
[Goretober] Mask by kicked-in-teeth
F2U Applejack Pixel Avatar by 8-BitBrony
Icon Sai by Kselena-Vonta
[G] Surprise Gift for a friend ~ by Eelwing
Divider Icy by Eelwing
Divider Roses by Eelwing
Divider Roses by Eelwing
Tickle Feet Icon [F2U] by NickCola
Inflation Icon [F2U] by NickCola
Candy Kink Icon {F2U} by NickCola

Mature Content

Inanna by paintpixelprint
People and Characters - sprites, portraits
Risk Portrait by AzKai
Fudge - YCH Portrait by AzKai
The Flower by runmry
Baseball time by AlbertoV
Ressources - palettes, tilesets
$5/500 PT P2U - everyone hail to the pumpkin king by SqdPxl
.: P2u Icon Base :. by Haruyuun
$5/500 PT P2U - the salt lick squad by SqdPxl
$5/500 PT P2U - wing things by SqdPxl
Scapes and Scenes
Isometric Park by HuntersAndPrey
Collectibles by 7Soul1
[COMMISSION] Srednivashtar by kicked-in-teeth
Tutorials and Steps
The Anatomy of Sass by RHLPixels
Weapons and Armor
EyeBlade by RoniCTz
Mini Babes by Jackaloops
High Definition - realistic
Adjusted Steamfantry by Cyangmou
Greetings fellow artists!

We created new folder, Animation. If key feature of submitted work is animation please use this folder. That does not mean that anything animated should go in there, it depends on personal feeling of authors and group staff.

For example like this excellent piece to draw your attention:
Rolly Rocket by Valenberg
(Great work by Valenberg)

Cheers, Flying-Snake!
More Journal Entries


Fdpa 7 by realrhebok
We would love to affiliate with your group!

We accept affiliations with other pixel art groups and with groups formed by active members. Send a note to realrhebok if you have any questions!


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Chamat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018
Hey guys I thought you had standards and only accepted works from artists that created "their own, unique art from scratch" so then why do you accept this "work" from :iconaugustelos:?:…

The first sprite is from :iconriklaionel: which he didn't even credited.

That Kalil I remember seeing the base, a mugen char badly animated, Hawkeye, Green Arrow or Link.

That Bob is either from :iconomegachaino: or another artist, but it's not his.

If any other member wants to corroborate the original sprites please do so.

Sorry for sounding passive-agressive but I don't know how do you do that, even our groups are affiliated and this goes against for what your group is for.
Riklaionel Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thanks chamat i didn't knew about this, but i guess i can't control what other people  take from internet, and this is not the first time they take my work and make mugen characters or other stuff without even gave me credit.
Chamat Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Yes, it has happened to me as well. I always step in when I see someone I know going un-credited.
Flying-Snake Featured By Owner Edited Oct 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I accepted it, but now I'm going to look into it better.

If you catch something like this again notify us. 

Edit: Seems like I was too late for action. Again: thanks for info!
Chamat Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018
"Te hace falta ver mas BAX"…

"You need to see more  ̶B̶O̶X̶ Fighting Games"

No problem, I will let you know.
realrhebok Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wasn't aware this has been accepted into the group, thanks for letting me know, I will remove it.

As you may know it can be hard to check on every sprite that gets submitted to the group and I am sure that whomever let this happen didn't know the details.

Thanks again.
Chamat Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018
Yeah sorry for coming out as I did. I'm too used to SNK/CAPCOM sprites and the bases were pretty obvious to me.

I will let you know if there's something else, with less of a fuss.
augustelos Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018  Hobbyist
Hello, in regards to your colleague, I'll be pulling out the work to rework them before posting again here on Deviantart to avoid problems. The intention was just to make a pixel illustration of the characters of my friends from the RPG Storm Lasting campaign so that it was as faithful as possible.
Chamat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2018
Ok, that's understandable but you have to credit your sources and other artists, is just a matter of respect.
Lady-Pixel Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou so much for making me a member:happybounce: 
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