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Serena kisses Ash

By freedomthai
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ash looks a lot less punchable here, hell i would go as far to say he looks awesome, well done on that :D
kennyc222's avatar
more realistic and accurate about the kiss! :D And Congratz Ash, you are not virgin anymore! 
Gearoidmcnaught's avatar
Awww how romantic!!!!
MlpFanKAR's avatar
Congrats ash, your not virgin anymore! XD
Kiro-Kurusu's avatar
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phaedrolous's avatar
And he just stands there...
How much longer until this kid matures?
MlpFanKAR's avatar
O _ O.....
SO MUCH FANGIRLING GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demon-Soul-Bearer's avatar
Ash is a lucky boy! lol
Demon-Soul-Bearer's avatar
Bout time! So sweet!
FrancisJeremyXavyer's avatar
On that day, the ships went berserk.
AshK1980's avatar
It's cute. I love this pairing, though I'm not really sure if the English Dub Version would show the kiss or not.
Darth-Cygnus's avatar
Beautiful work!

Serena really did it! Yes!

Darth Cygnus
XxDannehxX's avatar
Yay, they finally kissed... CUUTE!!!
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TheRisenChaos's avatar
Kinda hot, actually! :D
jyroman53's avatar
seriously that kiss broke the internet ! It's not even latias !
Gochilove's avatar
AAAWWW is great Pikachu Loves It Plz 
AchievedOrb09's avatar
Don't fuck this up Ash! Don't let her down like every other girl you have met!
Ajax94's avatar
They finally did something new! :D
AlphamonOuryuuken's avatar
I think I can hear the other shippers going ballistic...
Captain-Grumpy's avatar
this was the best moment in that episode
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