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Rush to Work

By freedomthai
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Seem like she going to late in this morning. OvO

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Run Judy, run!! Emote run emote 
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I think what she might be thinking
Judy (NO!) - Icon  "Fuck no, I woke up late I won't get to work.... AND NICK WILL GET ASLEEP WHILE THE REUNION!!!!!!!
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What had she been doing last night, though, that she came home so late and so tired, she overslept...
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One innocent possibility is the power went out and her alarm clock reset.

One not-so innocent possibility is that she and Nick spent the night *censored*.

What the...?  What I meant to say was *censored*.

Oh for pete's sake...
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My toast was a cookin and I had to become a sailor scout
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Judy: I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!
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This s awseome job 
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Funny. :lol: Great job. :)
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How every girl meets their senpai.

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Carrots how many times must i tell u that do not be late look at you XD
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Because of your backstory, would you mind the name, Mr. Muzzle!
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I Would not But do not call me that
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Judy apologized to you, for treating predators, the wrong way. But you didn't apologized back to her for being mad at her and scaring her. She scares you, but you scare her back. So, she apologized to you, but you didn't apologized back to her. I'm not a optimist, but look at Toy Story at Rotten Tomatoes. Its 100%, no rotten reviews, because Woody and Buzz help each other, and they feel sorry for each other. Judy feel sorry about you, and predators. But you didn't feel sorry about her, by treating prey as lunch. Zootopia is a buddy film, and buddies feel sorry about each other, EVERY TIME! So, if Judy doesn't want you to apologize to her. Then, these thoughts of mine, were inconclusive.
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Are u alright or ur looney
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This is cool!!  That's me when I'm late.
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Judy: Surry, cag stoh. Gogga geh tha worg!
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Judy Hopps is awesome!
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Run, Judy! Run like the wind! :eager:
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