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Judy and Nick

By freedomthai
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♥ I watched Zootopia 3 Times and will keep watching and shipping forever ♥
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doughnutdog3678Student Filmographer
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist

Nick's such a trickster... :giggle:

Adorable scene there, and I love those smart clothes!

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Judy also did say I couldn't live without you When i feigned death in that pen that's why she wants it back so bad  *Judy: You had to didn't you?
UHHHHHHHHHH NOTHING HAPPENED *Judy would hit me with a slipper AHHHH HELP
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Spectra98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There must be more than "I love you Nick" if Judy wants the pen back so badly.
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"Easy, easy! i'll give you that. in 48 hours!"
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like = acceptable
love = nasty
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Judy: "Nick! Uha! Give...give that back." 
Nick: "Not a chance, Carrots." *Presses the play button again* 
Pen: "I love you Nick." 
Judy: "Niiiick! Please. It''s so...embarrassing. Just give me back my pen." 
Nick: "I give up this precious treasure of a recording of you practicing your confession of love to me? Absolutely not, Miss Hopps. I'm going to be buried this pen. That way, I'll be able to use it while I tell all the angels in heaven about my wife." 
Judy: "Niiiiiic..." *Pauses as his words catch up to her. Looks up at him with wide eyes.* "D...did...did you s-say...wife?" 
Nick: *Smirks as he puts the pen in a pocket inside his jacket and takes out a small box from the same pocket.* "You' not the only one whose been practicing giving confessions, Judy." 
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist

Awww, that's so adorable! :aww

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wow, looks like they'll have an hybrid!!!
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It's times like this that I wish deviantart had a system for upvoting comments.
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If they did mine would always be at the bottom
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TLKfranchiseLover527Student Artist
I agree
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Got to be in Zootopia 2 
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no such thing pushx or t/s, ts inferioxshtx
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Maybe in a pleasant and playful manner like under the bridge. ;)
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jamtails95Hobbyist General Artist
I like this picture! Nice fan art! :D
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AilythKittyHobbyist General Artist
I squealed when I saw this XD I ship those two way too much... I screamed at the part with the elevator thing
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I love this piece so much, I found it on google images but I didn't know it was on deviant art until now ^^
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HorSEnoritaHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful xD ♥
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krystal221Student General Artist
This wins in so many ways. :iconsqueeeplz:
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The pen knows too much.
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ninsennansenHobbyist General Artist
hah! Cute ^-^
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AjayRulezzzHobbyist Traditional Artist
I forgot to add this to my faves
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