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Dracona Ignis



ID: ZM0084
Name: Dracona Ignis
Meaning: Dragonfire
Age: adult
Gender: Mare
Height: 170 cm
Breed: Zlesdin
Rank: Zayus
Color: Copper Chestnut (no markings, light brown eyes)
Genotype: ee/Aa/Ff (flaxen carrier)
Import Design:

Personality: To describe Iggy in one word; Bitch. She's hot tempered, mean and grumpy. She's stubborn, uncooperative and straight down dangerous to anyone she doesn't like. She's unforgiving for even the littlest mistakes and she never forgets. She's intelligent and dominating. If a horse could be arrogant, she'd be it. She's a one person type of horse and everyone else should just stay the heck away.
Iggy needs to be asked to be approached. She needs to be handled with the utmost calmth and respect and her handler needs to poses a great inner strength and confidence. Only then do you have the chance of becoming her equal (you will never be her boss).
If she picked you as her person and you do everything right, Iggy'll become an independent but extremely loyal partner. She might even let you ride her one day, when your bond has grown strong enough. This mare, however, will never be an easy horse.
Surprisingly she's not horse-aggressive. Though she won't get buddy-buddy with them, she get along and is highly respected throughout the herd. 

Bloodlines: Founder

Breedings: (too young)
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This is AMAZING.
Seriously you have to do a shading tutorial now xD
The background is really pretty, and I love the pose you've chosen <3
But I still can't get over the shading LOL