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World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 5:32 PM

★ EZLN and CNI ★

invited everyone to the

read full invitation:

English - Spanish - Deutsch - Italian

To the brothers and sisters of the National and International Sixth
and the National Indigenous Congress “David Ruíz Garcia”
In the gathering of our peoples in the Exchange between Zapatista Peoples
we shared with each other our pain as well as our words
and experiences of struggle, rebellion, and resistance.
Together we know that within our rebellions is our “NO”
to the politics of destruction that capitalism carries out across the world.
And we know that within our resistances are the seeds of the world that we want.
These rebellions and resistances are not just those of the indigenous peoples of Mexico.
They are also found in the footsteps of the originary peoples
across the continent and in all corners of the earth where individuals,
groups, collectives, and organizations not only say “NO” to destruction,
but go about constructing something new.
In this exchange, which we know has been possible largely due
to the support of brothers and sisters of the National and International Sixth,
we confirm that our mother earth, giver of all life on the planet,
is in danger, and thus all of humanity is also.
We see that it is neoliberal capitalism that has caused all of this pain,
destruction, and death, and which has dispossessed,
exploited, disrespected, and repressed us.
In defense of mother earth and in the struggle
for humanity and against neoliberalism, no struggle is small.
Brothers and sisters of the National and International Sixth,
we know that this savage and deathly capitalism is not invincible.
We have learned this from the Zapatista experience
and from the rebellions and resistances
that bloom all over the planet whose pain is our pain,
whose struggles are our struggles, and who dreams are our dreams.
So we want to share with you the words, experiences, paths,
and collective decision that a world where many worlds fit is possible.
As we are concretizing the steps toward this dream,
it is necessary to share with each other what we are thinking,
to listen to each other in order to understand our struggles
and our rebellions and learn from our forms of resistance

Propaganda to spread World Festival of Rebellions and Resistances of the
★ EZLN ★ CNI ★ La Sexta ★
copy and forward this material... CopyLeft!! download from:

Composit Poster by Quadraro
The peoples, tribes, and nations assembled here have agreed to carry out, in cooperation with you the
“First World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions Against Capitalism”
with the theme

“Where Those Above destroy, We below Rebuild”
“Donde Los De Arriba destruyen Los de Abajo Reconstruimos”

Help us to spread and disseminate "World Festival of Rebellions and Resistances"
on any social media, through posters in the street, with your friends and associations

Heartfelt Thanks to everyone who help
Enlace Zapatista Website

Himno Zapatista del EZLN

The Story Of The People Who Risk

The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals
is a 2006 documentary film about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).
It took three years of filming, interviewing, and editing to complete.

The movie was created by animal-rights lawyer Shannon Keith,
who owns Uncaged Films and ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education).
The documentary was produced in response to a perceived bias
in the mainstream media against the animal rights movement.
The film is about animal rights activists who break into laboratories
and other facilities to provide previously unseen footage of the way animals are used.
It includes well-known names within the animal rights movement,
some of whom have been imprisoned for taking direct action.

The story of Jill Phipps, who was killed when she fell under a lorry
while protesting against the live export of animals, is told, with her mother saying,
"They call us terrorists but the reality is that over the years four animal rights activists have been killed during protests."

The UK première was held on September 7, 2006 at the Exeter Phoenix Arts and Media Centre.
Keith Mann gave a talk and answered questions.
Mann and others have since toured the film extensively worldwide,
organizing screenings in local cinemas and at animal rights events.

The Calcutta The Telegraph has said about the film:
"Regardless of what one thinks about the tactics of the Animal Liberation Front, the film is an extraordinary one that is well worth watching"

Animal Liberation Front Gallery

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We were told we were fighting terrorists
but the real terrorist was me
and the real terrorism is this occupation

— Mike Prysner
US Army Veteran who served in Iraq

Freedom Fighters

is who engaged in a struggle to achieve
freedom for themselves or obtain freedom for others
Though the literal meaning of the words could include
anyone who fights for the cause of freedom
in common use it may be restricted to those
who are actively involved in an armed rebellion
rather than those who campaign for freedom
by peaceful means
(though they may use the title in its literal sense)

Some examples

Partisan (Partisans Military)

Insurgency in the North Caucasus (INC)

The South African Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK)

The Irish Republican Army (IRA)

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)

The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN)

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO - HAMAS)

The National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC)

The Breton Revolutionary Army (ARB)

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

The American Indian Movement (AIM)

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

Movimiento Revolucionario Tupamaro (MRT)

Jihad (Jihad)

and many more...


"Honour to the fighters, 'cause they died fighting for freedom, not to sell it"

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we don't accept watchers, also don't accept user and affiliation
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