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Twinkle -Pro business wp theme

new theme for themeforest, if it will apply :)

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nice color combination . Good effort.
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Sry for the truth, but if I would be TF I wouldn't accept it at all...I would say 7/10 minus 3 points for a very bad typography. 4/10 it is! But keep up your work [link]
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let's wait and find out ;)
thank you for the cnc btw
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Awesome :)10/10
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Don't lsiten to eny one. I believe that human can "switch" one day and start making absoloutly different designs of what ever then he has done before :) This one is great and home that they will approve it to Themeforest (great place btw). One only thing, I think that shadow beneath mac-monitor could be a bit darker. But that is the only little thing I saw that I would change. Good work!
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My god how many mistakes I did :D
"Don't LISTEN to ANY one"
"This one is great and HOPE that..."
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thank you very much.
skeptics comments about my designs are a bit compliment if you ask me haha :)
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good , i think you used big shapes and large text
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i think that this project isn't your... in my opinion, you were downloaded theme and edit him...
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actually i'm flattered, if you claiming that this project isn't mine, thats means this is very good project
i hate to ruin your fantasy, but this is mine :)
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so you don't understand me, this project isn't very good, but i see your more projects and i don't believe that you can create this... (sorry for my english...)
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i know what you tryin to say, but i prefered to take this comment and laugh about it instead of take this comment as an insult
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הקנאה של אנשים...
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חחחח תודה רבה על התמיכה :)
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אהבתי, נראה אדיר! איך אתה לא מפרסם דברים כאלו בהוסטס?
fReeDoM257's avatar
בטח שפרסמתי, מה נראלך, אני פראייר? ;)
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