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Holidays December 2016 by Freedom1001 Holidays December 2016 :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 2 4
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By Proxy :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 6 3
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Coolin' Down :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 4 5
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Four Years and Counting :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 3 7
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Masterpiece :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 2 5
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Edify :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 3 3
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Trouble is a Friend :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 1 7
White Blank Page
"Don't you ever feel like there's just nothing left to say?" Greg turned to face his buddy Max and sighed. "I mean, we come to class, five days a week and every day we're forced to write something in these damn journals and every day I stare at the damn page and can't come up with a single thing that's even remotely interesting."
Max lifted his head from his own journal and gave Greg an annoyed look across the shared two-person desk. "Yet you always manage to find something. So put your eyes back on your paper and write."
Greg twisted his lip into an expression that he liked to think was more Sid Vicious than Billy Idol, contrary to the collective opinion of his closest and dearest, and growled, "I get tired of writing about what I ate for breakfast."
"So make something up," Max suggested, tapping his own paper with the end of his pen. "You can't just sit there and do nothing."
"I can do whatever I want," Greg pouted. "You're not my boss and neither is she." He shoved a thumb towards t
:iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 6 9
The sky was just thinking about relinquishing its hold on the sun. Honey gold ribbons of light clasped tightly to cloud cover – tornado skies, his grandfather used to tell him. "Never trust a sky the colour of caramel. It's a liar's sky, coming across as sweet and warm, but hiding a world of hurt."
Keith shifted his eyes to the shop across the street from him. God, how long had it been? A decade? More? It looked exactly the same though; the same cafe-style tables, the same chairs, huge plate glass windows displaying dramatic promises of treats and air conditioning. Fun times ahead, folks. Just step through the doors and be transported.
Probably a mistake to even be there, Keith thought. He'd spent so much time forgetting that the call had taken him by surprise, wasn't even really sure why he'd decided to come at all. And here, of all places, the one spot he'd been able to avoid. He'd had to deal with the streets they used to drive down, the friend's houses and the library. But th
:iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 5 2
Mature content
Piano Man :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 3 5
Jinge Bell Rock
Chase had always loved Christmas mornings. At least, he'd loved twenty-seven of the twenty-eight Christmas mornings he'd experienced so far. He'd met every one of them with a huge smile and a race down whichever set of stairs he'd be staying at, towards a gift-packed, blinking Christmas tree, wide-eyed and enthralled. As far back as he could remember, neither comfy mattress, warm blanket nor sleeping partner could entice him to stay snoozing for just a little while longer. Except for the current one. It was the first year Chase could honestly swear he didn't want to get out bed.
He didn't want to see the laboriously decorated tree or the finely wrapped parcels underneath it. He didn't want to enjoy the morning sun glinting off the fine layer of snow outside, or wrap his hands around a steaming mug of eggnog-infused coffee.
He didn't even want to open his eyes. Opening his eyes would mean leaving behind the reprieve granted by unconsciousness. And leaving that behind would mean forcing
:iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 5 3
A Pause
I slipped, I think. I'm not sure when.
I'll need a bit to breathe again.
Don't mind; I'll sit, and bide some time,
Restore myself with clever rhyme,
Or wine, or smoke, whatever works,
To firm my spine and soothe the hurt.
Walk on, I'm fine, I'll be there soon.
I've got the stars; I've got the moon.
We make a lovely trilogy,
The sky, the dark and moody me.
Upset? Who I? Why would you ask?
Surely I'm above all that.
After all, I barely flinched
When you dropped my hand to reach for his.
Nor did I bat a single lash,
When I got pushed so he could pass.
So do not dare to advocate
That it is pout instead of fate's
Cruel hand that caused me to relent
My forward stride for one moment.
A simple stop, and just this once,
I'm sure that it will be enough.
A muscle rub, a tendon twist,
And I will overcome all this.
Take no time out, go on step light
Before you lose him to the night.
I'll hang back here and tell myself
That rest is what this is about.
Then close my eyes and clear my head
And force
:iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 5 5
Mature content
Perception :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 5 10
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Oasis :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 4 7
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Iniquity :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 1 0
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Black, Black Heart :iconfreedom1001:Freedom1001 3 5

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Înflori (novel-released October, 2012)
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Forty-Two Stairs (novel-released June 25, 2014)
The Chase and The Catch (novel-released November 19th, 2014)
A Beautiful Thing (anthology fiction-released December 17th, 2014)
Road Trip (novel-released February 11, 2015)
Baby's on Fire (novel-released May 6, 2015)
Wolf, WY (novel-Book 1 of the Wolf Series-released October 21, 2015)
Wolf, en Garde (novel-Book 2 of the Wolf Series-released May, 2016)
Wolf, in League (novel-Book 3 of the Wolf Series-released October 12, 2016)
Breaker: Exile, Volume 1 (novel-coauthored with Kelly Wyre-Book 1 of the Exile series-released January 11, 2017)
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