Themed Challenge #13: Which type of avatars would you like us to challenge our Free Avatar Creators to make during August?
235 votes
Free dA's 10th BIRTHDAY Avatars Plz!
Free CAKE Avatars Plz!
Free DANCING Avatars Plz!
Free DISCO Avatars Plz!
Free DRINK Avatars Plz!
Free FELLA Avatars Plz!
Free MUSIC Avatars Plz!
Free PARTY Avatars Plz!
OTHER theme plz! (Add suggestion for new theme.) Past Themes:…
NONE: Themed Challenges are a silly idea! (Here's why....)

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The Sims 3 Avatars :3
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Can I make a suggestion for the next poll please? NARUTO themed avatars (I bet it would be popular.)
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^^ I said dance, ´cuz dancing Gardevoir (creature in my icon ) would be awesome, 4 example :D
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Hi I do Photography and i'm looking for an avatar of a close up camera lense! I can't find one on dA and don't wanna take one offa Images in case it's copyrighted! Please could you make one for me? Prahaps with my user name on it aswell? Thanks! Please reply when you get this!
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LOL everybody wants cake...
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lol, bring disco back!
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we should do avvies based on musical instruments. :D
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"Music" would include instruments. :)
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What types of music avvies would you like to see?
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instruments mostly
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