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Why llamas?

On April 1, 2010 deviantART introduced llama badges! What was originally thought to be an April Fools joke quickly became a mad success, and tons of deviants were scrambling around the site, giving llama badges out and hoping to get enough badges to make their llamas evolve into the kind of llama they wanted. That's right... deviantART's llamas can evolve! (More about that below.)

What does any of this this have to do with free avatars?

:iconfree-davatars: :iconfreeavatarproject:

The FreeAvatarProject took the entire month of June 2010 to challenge it's watchers to create free llama avatars at Free-dAvatars! You can see them below.

Each of them is a FREE 50x50 avatar, under 15 kb, meeting dA's requirements for use. And they're all LLAMAS!

But before I get ahead of myself...

Wait... Llamas can evolve?

For those of you wondering, "What can dA llamas evolve into?" or "How can a llama evolve?" read the description of eggy's Llama Badges stamp to find out how your llama badge can change:

Any member of dA can give away llama badges for free! Here's a quick Llama Badge Tutorial by Glittercandy to help you get familiar with deviantART's llama badge system.

Nowadays, you can even accessorize your llamas with bow ties and sunglasses.

How can I get more llama badges?

There are lots of creative ways to get llama badges, but the most effective way is to give tons of them to other people.

One way to seek more people to give them to (people that will usually return the favor) is to find a few groups that specialize in this sort of thing. Luckily for you, I brought enough links for everyone...


I know this is all devastatingly exciting, but please read the rules in these groups before spamming them with "LLAMA 4 LLAMA" comments.

How did the llama Internet meme begin?

I don't know for certain. However, sources point to a Flash animation with The Llama Song that was originally uploaded 6 years ago this month in July 2004. (Consider yourself warned if you decide to listen to The Llama Song; it's kind of catchy.) This file made its way into Internet fame within a year's time, no doubt because people out here in cyberspace love llamas. And ducks.


As promised, here are the results of our June 2010 challenge! These avatars were all created to be used at deviantART for free.

Please :+fav: and follow an iconist's rules before using anything you see in this feature.

free llama running :3 by MenInASuitcase Free to Use-Rainbow Llama by LittleKai FREE AV - Kawaii Llama by Sophibelle:thumb167338679: Free Cumulonimbus Llama Icon by The-Fry-Bat
:thumb160686804: 3D Llama Badge by cezkid Free Spitting Llama by m4nza:thumb159928600: Llama Party Free icon by Frelly-Is-Kelly
Free Llama Icon by make2307 llama flash by Starwolf246 Free: I Love Llamas avatar by Fire4564 llama dancin by Popcornchickity:thumb160169459:
:thumb169528439: .:FREE AVATAR:. Llama Trader by FreeAvatarProject Free Avatar: Llama Poo by FantasyStock Avatar: Llama Crossing Sign by FantasyStockAvatars Free Avatar: Llama Llove by FantasyStock

LittleMissLlamaLover's Llama Army

Free Llama Avatar Red by LittleMissLlamaLover Free Llama Avatar by LittleMissLlamaLover FREE TEAL LLAMA AVVY by LittleMissLlamaLover FREE CYAN LLAMA AVVY by LittleMissLlamaLover Free Llama Avatar Blue by LittleMissLlamaLover Free Llama Avatar Pink by LittleMissLlamaLover Free Llama Avatar Grey by LittleMissLlamaLover FREE RAINBOW LLAMA AVVY by LittleMissLlamaLover FREE LLAMA AVVY TEMPLATE by LittleMissLlamaLover

Click on Acumenous-Ignorance's 40 Llama Avatar Pack to get the full effect.

40 Llama Avatar Pack by Acumenous-Ignorance

mocha-san's Albino Llamas

Avatar - Llama Love by mocha-san Avatar - Super Llama Love by mocha-san

WDWParksGal (aka WDWParksGal-Stock) bred a whole herd of llamas!

Free Brown Llama Avatar by WDWParksGal-Stock Free Long-Neck Avatar animated by WDWParksGal-Stock Free Long-Neck Avatar by WDWParksGal-Stock Free White Llama 2 Avatar by WDWParksGal-Stock Free White Llama Avatar by WDWParksGal-Stock Free Birthday Llama for Chat by WDWParksGal Free Llama from Behind Avatar by WDWParksGal Blue Birthday Chat Avatar Free by WDWParksGal

SillyWereWolf's llama with emotes

Free Avatar-Llama Love by SillyWereWolf Free Avatar-Super Llama by SillyWereWolf Free Avatar-Albino Llama by SillyWereWolf Free Avatar-Super Albino Llama by SillyWereWolf Free Avatar-Fancy Llama by SillyWereWolf

RoseSagae's Llamas

Llama Avatar by RoseSagae Albino Llama Avatar by RoseSagae

Antrami's Twilight vampire llama and llamas in love

free avatar by Antrami Llamas Love by Antrami

xelloss100's Llamas
Free Avi -Golden Llama- by xelloss100 Free Avi -Chubby Llama- by xelloss100

Llamas by QueenOfDorks


kiddomerriweather's Super Llama and Super Albino Llama

Super Llama Avatar by kiddomerriweather Super Albino Llama Avatar by kiddomerriweather

Twoohten llama-obsessed emotes
(This guy actually lures llamas with affection, captures them, and puts them in tiny jars.)
Free: Hug your llama by Twoohten Llama jar by Twoohten Free: Llama jar redux by Twoohten
a purely evil plot

MixedMilkChOcOlate's llama and llama king

llama eating free avatar by MixedMilkChOcOlate Free llama King Unicorn Avatar by MixedMilkChOcOlate

Winners for one of the June 18 Chat Challenges

free spartan llama avatar by tailcat
First Place: tailcat - won 20 points

NoApologyPlz Free Avatar by nataseskek
Second Place: nataseskek - won 10 points

Free Anima Birthday Chat Llama by WDWParksGal
Third Place: WDWParksGal - won 5 points

:la: :la: :la:

Thanks to everyone that participated in our llama challenge and to all who make avatars for people to use for free!! We appreciate your time and talent.

If you'd like to participate in our future challenges, please watch our journal and keep and eye on our monthly challenge folder.

If you'd like to help decide our next challenge theme, please vote here.

:iconfree-davatars: :iconfreeavatarproject:

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RenamonMegaHobbyist Artist
Yes I need more llamas and I'm giving away llama for any price no steps no rules just pay and get a llama.
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RoseSagaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature!
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Soki-pooHobbyist General Artist
Wasn't there one of dancing llamas? That it was half llama, then a full llama and then a half llama again? Am I mistaken? :O
gsm051115's avatar
thx for featuring :iconthe-llamarians: :iconexclamationplz:
Sketchy-McFly's avatar
Hey, thanks for featuring our group, #Llama-In-Return! It means a lot to us.
JakexComicz's avatar
Hey thanks for featuring my group! I didnt know it would make this much :)
Acumenous-Ignorance's avatar
:woo: Thanks guys, also if you use one of mine comment on this comment or my page please :). Also I have to say I love ~Twoohten's avatars, I am jealous of them.
EverRoxas's avatar
Not the artsy type needed for this challenge, but I :heart: this article overall! Then again, I love anything to do with llamas here on dA! :giggle: Thanks for posting this article!
Twoohten's avatar
My plan is a devious one for sure. :eyes:
Thanks! :)
Twoohten's avatar
Thank you! :love: Your 40 llama avatar pack is pretty impressive. :eyes:
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etNoirHobbyist Digital Artist
Woooh, new news article :love:
I should really start participating again..
WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
WDWParksGal-StockHobbyist General Artist
Did you ever think the challenge would be this popular? :llama:

So glad to see that stamp! Added it to my front page, left a comment and a :+fav: and gave the creator a llama! It is nice to have a concise explanation as to how to get what llama.

:music: :sing:I haven't listened to the song yet.... little afraid to actually :giggle: :sing: :music:
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
:sing: Oh do it!! Listen to the song!!! I listened to it almost the whole time I wrote the article because it plays on a loop and doesn't stop until you close it.

I'm glad the stamp was handy for you!! I love it when stamps have good stuff in the artist's comments.

And, yeah... I guess I thought people like llamas enough to participate as long as we did it before it got too old. ;P I hope horror movies are just as popular.
WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
WDWParksGal-StockHobbyist General Artist
Oh..... my..... God.... that was just wrong :rofl: ~ I had to watch it a few times through to grasp it and to get used to how fast the singer was singing to catch everything said. Hilarious! How did you even find it????
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
I went looking on Google to find out how this llama craze started. This is the one thing I could find that seems to have made the llama into an Internet meme. Um, yeah... :lol: I research ALL my articles. ;P
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xelloss100 Digital Artist
Nice article... Thanks for the feature!!! :D
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Did you like the llama song? :giggle:
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xelloss100 Digital Artist
Oo! I missed that the first time I read the article... Thanks for pointing it out... it's pretty funny and catchy... :D
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