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★.. ABOUT US ..★

The Free Avatar Project exists to connect deviants that need avatars with those that make them... For free! You can read more about our project and the free avatars we make here.

As you can imagine, we get lots of questions. Please look over the questions below to see if we've already provided answers before you contact us. Chances are, you will find what you're looking for below.

Thanks for your visit to our project... We hope you have a fun time here finding whatever you're looking for.


All project rules are subject to change. If this happens, we will update this journal entry to notify you. Please +devWatch our journal to keep updated with these policies.

Added Frequently Asked Questions may be added without notice to prevent spamming everyone's inbox. We'll only send this journal entry to you if any of our core rules has been altered.


FAQ #1: "Can You Make a Free Avatar For Me?"

FAQ #2: "How Do I Join the FreeAvatarProject?"

FAQ #3: "How Do I Donate Free Avatars to the Project?"

FAQ #4: "Can My Group Affiliate with You?"

FAQ #5: "Can I List My Contests & Projects Here?"

FAQ #6: "Do You Like Free Avatar Daily Deviations?"

FAQ #7: "Can I Donate Free Avatars Even if I'm Not a Member?"

FAQ #8: "What Are Some Tips For Providing Free Avatars?"

FAQ #9: "How Do You Make Avatars?"

FAQ #10: "Why Do You Only Accept 50x50 Avatars?"

FAQ #11: "What Are Project Challenges?"

FAQ # ELEVENTY-ONE: "What About...?"
Please send a note to the FreeAvatarProject if you have any questions about our project or our policies.

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Panda576's avatar
Can i join? I have these icons (that i'll talk to u in private!) that id like to donate.
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
feel free to send a note, like it says in our FAQ :)
InfernalPyschosis's avatar
Can I join as both an avy apricator and free avy creator?
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
I don't see why not if you're heart is set on being both. Please add that to your "join" note if you want to participate in the project.
LittlePunkyx's avatar
cool and thanks for the link :D so i must send you a note with the links to the free avatars that i wanted to donate to the free avatarproject :D ?
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
No problem... And yes... Please :)
broken-umbrella's avatar
Gurinn's avatar
Sounds good
Ill try it out.
Spynder's avatar
Thanx for the Link :D
SmilingMuffin's avatar
ftourini's avatar
do you accept 100X100 avatars? :D
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
We've considered it, but for now the project is mainly concerned with 50x50 avatars that anyone can use at deviantART for free without having to resize anything.
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