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The =FreeAvatarProject is here to help connect deviants that want free avatars with those that make them.Please :+fav: and use this stamp to help promote our cause! More project stamps.
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I'd be willing to help make some avatars
Sebas7710's avatar
Hey... if you make them, can you make my avatar blinking? Like a gif? I feel like it need it...
Lady-Pixel's avatar
you what a avatar that blinks
i can make you one
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
Sorry, I'm not a pixel artist. I took this site over from another Deviant as this is the base account to represent the founder of Free-dAvatars ~ Be sure to check for lots of animated gifs that are free to use. The fan art folder has Pokemon avies, too. There is a commission widget on the profile page of the group as well. 
CookieJack's avatar
I could need this C:
AngstRiddenTeenagers's avatar
i saw this and all i have to say is BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
kitty1873's avatar
can u do one for :iconunknown-artists-da:
Madwise96's avatar
wow i am so jealous. very well done! i am such a failure i can't even attempt to make a group avatar, which sucks since i have a group. I was wondering if you would consider creating something for my group. The group is PoetDenForYou and i would really appreciate it if you made us one. I'll give you props for your amazing work. Please and thanks! It means a lot if you just read this. :)
ArcanexAngel's avatar
Great work, any chance you have an avatar for a club like #OccultArtists ?
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
You can learn how to request an avvie here: [link]

However, for groups, I also recommend a contest so that your members get a chance to make something for the group.
ArcanexAngel's avatar
Thank you very much^^ after I asked you though a member made us one, but thank you anyway:)
FreeAvatarProject's avatar
Thanks for the +fav!
mosspluse's avatar
you're welcome ^^
madmeg525's avatar
How do you add a stamp to your journal?
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