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:pointr: Please :+fav: read and follow each artist's terms of use before using anyone else's free avatars.

Free Avatars Available at :iconfree-davatars:

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Colorful ornament divider 3 - FREESTUFF by AStoKo

:iconfree-davatars: Free-dAvatars 

colourful tattoo divider by ToxiceStea

Okay... the original founder of Free-dAvatars has not logged in to DeviantArt for over six years now, and another Deviant who was acting Founder for awhile years ago is gone as well. I was able to take over the "Founder" account FreeAvatarProject  because I had been give the password, which I changed just a few years ago.

*That means I am adjusting the rules to fit the goal I have for the group. Ergo, the :new: rules!
Candle Holder by AngelicHellraiser
Red Candle (L) by AngelicHellraiserblack divider by ToxiceSteaRed Candle (R) by AngelicHellraiser

:iconnewsboyplz: The New * Rules include a change in the amount of avatars required to be a member. Members can use offsite avatar-creators in order to have avatars to submit. There is a stamp folder for free stamps anyone can use. There will be an emoticon folder for any free emoticons anyone can use, as well as a folder for free dividers. Members will be required to have some free avatars prior to being accepted if the main interest of the member is actually stamps, dividers or emoticons.

If you charge a fee for avatars, then you can request your commission folder to be added to a group widget on the profile page.

Dance Rhythm by ucurmi

1) Members need to be avatar creators who have at least five (5) free avatars to share with the community. Join requests must include a link to the avatars either in a folder or via a link to the gallery search in your gallery.
It truly helps the Admins of Free-dAvatars to vet a Deviant if avatars are in the correct gallery and sub-cats, Customization/Icons/Avatars/DeviantArt. Using the correct gallery and sub-cat means other Deviants can find your avatars as well.

2) Please do not click the "Join" button unless there are free avatars in your gallery to submit to the group.

3) Avatars can be created by an off-site avatar creator; however, the group will not accept copyrighted material used to create avatars such as celebrities. Using copyrighted material violates DeviantArt's Copyright Policies.

Google Images are NOT Stock Stamp by poserfan
There are plenty of unrestricted stocks available on DeviantArt that can be used to create avatars, icons, stamps and dividers. Check the Unrestricted Stock Provider Widget on the Profile Page at WDWParksGal-Stock 

4) Please use the correct folder when submitting. You are absolutely allowed to submit free avatars found around DeviantArt. The Admins of the group appreciate having a nice variety of avatars in the group's galleries.

5) The only articles, journals and tutorials the group accepts are those that feature avatars, emoticons, dividers and stamps.

6) Commissions do NOT count as part of the five (5) avatar requirement, nor do any avatars that require points to use.

7) The Group does NOT accept "Lick" Avatars, NOR are excessively animated deviations accepted; i.e. avatars that could cause a seizure.

7) Absolutely NO "Mature-Rated" avatars, icons, stamps or dividers accepted.

8) ALL avatars must be 50 x 50 pixels and 15 kb or less for Deviant Avatars and 100 x 50 pixels and 30 kb or less for Group Avatars.

9) Over-sized icons can be submitted to the stamp folder.

10) Please be respectful of the other members, as well as the Admins of Free-dAvatars 
Etiquette Policy

 Helpful Links:
FAQ #662: How do I create an Avatar, to display on my User Page and next to my Comments?
FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?

Vampire Knight Lamp Light (Right) by AngelicHellraiser  Lantern by AngelicHellraiser   Vampire Knight Lamp Light (Left) by AngelicHellraiser

If you are interested in learning how to create avatars, check This List of Tutorials to learn how to make them (Gimp is a free download and there are tutorials especially for that program).

:spotlight-left: *Disclaimer: Regardless of the redacted rules, DO NOT argue, threaten, bully or belittle the admins for any reason! Any construed threat will mean being blocked by the group, as well as possibly by the Admins themselves. Any threat will be reported to the Help Desk :helpdesk:
Respect the Admins by TheGalleryOfEve

. Starry Night . by SugareeSweets  Simple Candelabra (White Candles) by AngelicHellraiser  D: White Rose (L) by AngelicHellraiser


United States
The FreeAvatarProject Many FREE avatars are available in the gallery at Free-dAvatars!!! There are, also, freebies at We-Make-Free-Icons ~ if you need a specific avatar, there is a widget with Commission Information on the profile page Free-dAvatars.

:star: ID Donated by MidnightSoiree! :star:

ATTENTION! I did not create all the avatars on this site. I took over this site from a deviant who has, sadly, not logged in to DeviantART for many years.


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