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For those who know how to do this then just ignore. This is one way I do it there are probably many other ways to but who knows it might help someone :D
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Added features
Spring Awakening Winner Announcement Welcome to Project-Collab's 1st. Winners announcement Project-Collab was started to bring different artist and media together to create something new and to meet and work with others from the community We wish you all a super awesome day and are happy to finally announce the end of our First Project-Collab Event. Thank you for taking the journey with us we it was a learning curve for us also but we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.We had so many awesome entries from all the teams and we are so glad that overall this was a bright success. We are so proud of each and everyone of you. These entries where filled with creativity, which filled us with joy and they have been added to a feature journal please check it outSpring Awakening Featuredate.relative.minutesA feature for all the lovely and amazing featuresLet us present you our First Hornable Mention we didn't have enough teams to unlocked the second prize that's why decided to still feature the one who came closest to it. This is the Collab of @Ceryhn and @keyootee SSpring Vs WinterSpring woke up with a yawn, it was time to do herJudges Feedback This is just Adorable, The story was so cute about the villain like friendship.. Somehow it remembered me about Tom & Jerry as they found out it would be sad when they're fighting was over.. No one really want the other gone or dead.. since the cat and mouse like life was they're fun.. Its a nice Massage to fight but not under the belt.. I dunno if you say that in English like that. But Yeah.. some quarrelling can be fun when there is no harsh and really meanness in it. The Comic Is soooo adorble... and could have stand alone. The chibis are the cutest and perfectly give off the story. For me.. i would have wished you would have waited with the upload.. and than decide if you post the story with one cover or just the comic. But i understand teh Comic didn't show of the whole work the writer put in it.. but yeah it mostly don't on comics..but without a good story you cant make awesome pics who reflect them.Anyway this was really Theme suiting on a superficial meaning with a more depth friendship kind of meaning behind it. It was awesome to read and watch. So all in all You two did great. This is defiantly a result people stuck at and love to watch at with a smile. Good work and we happy you both worked together This is so cute and funny!! The comic style was defiantly a nice choice to complement the story. Both participants did an awesome job portraying the theme in a fun and cute way and both complement themselves. The vibrant colors of "Spring" and the contrast with "Winter" is one of the things I really loved. Amazing job you two! I really loved this, it was cute, colourful and fun. From the story to the illustration the whole playful way winter and spring fight was well illustrated and fun to read. You did a fantastic collaboration fitting the theme. You both did great work.And finally Our first Winner Team @Fyoriosity an @Xrisoka Thank you for all your hard work its a well deserved first place You guys won :A Journal feature by the hosts Coloured headshot sketch by @GreySparkle 500 points by @GreySparkle A year feature in all 6 groups of @HaruRyomaru86 as well digital chibi with decorative background and A digital headshot with decorative frame and basic background.500 points from @TheKikkaKibaz as well as a digital half-body drawing You also get a Feature in ShareAndFindArt by @CerhynA digital or traditional drawing by @DelaseraJudges Comments What should i say... YOu guys invest so much work in this small contest. The beautiful storey and the immense way to illustrate it. Its just beautiful. Its so creative to its finest we also could see that you guys harmonised really well. YOu made clear decisions how to presented things .. how you upload things.. and show to us. Also the nice ways you credit each other shows me that you seem to get well along with your decisions. You made a round circle of life - decisions and seasons. YOu give us a exciting story to follow- awersome pictures and effects who help us to imagined it on the way. You hypnotised us. Beside the small lack of quality due to make this long peace fit into the upload category ( seen on text ) it had no flaws weather to quality and theme.I am Happy you two made such a great team and used this small contest as a chance even for yourself and talents. Cause even beyond this contest you created something you both can use way longer for your own development and portfolios. The amount of work dedicated to this entry is venerable (and I'm not even yet commenting on the video). I love how you both constructed your story slowly going through all other seasons until it reached the climax: "Spring Awakening". The story is really sentimental and makes you feel for the character. And the art and transitions between the different season is absolutely well done. Now regarding the video, you guys pulled every string right into the perfect fitting of this short story. It's incredible to see you working together and you definitely portrayed this contest's main purpose in the best way which we possibly never even imagined. Congrats!! Where to begin. The effort and thought that went into this collaboration was moving from the art to the video. The way the story is told and how you moved through the season to bring about Spring awakening was just beautiful and captivating and just when you think it doesn't get better you created a video that was tear inducing (for the right reasons) your choices of music and sounds pulled you in to experience Spring's Awakening. Great work and Congratulations.Please have a look at each of them and leave them some nice comments and faves , they deserve it all.We hope you all had as much fun as we are in this new Project and learned a thing or two for yourself as well. We hope to see you all next time again. From your Hosts@TheKikkaKibaz @GreySparkle @HaruRyomaru86 Spring Awakening FeatureA feature for all the lovely and amazing entries and our feed-back.Please have a look at each of them and leave them some nice comments and faves , they deserve it all.We hope you all had as much fun as we are in this new Project and learned a thing or two for yourself as well. Collab between @AntoniMatteoGarcia and @HermesDiAngelo CCollaboration [Spring Awakening]Spring Meditation
Haiku by AntoniMatteoGarciaJudges Feedback This is a really nice and calming entry. The short Poem is really sweet and i thing the artist did a good job. I think with such short poems its not important to just illustrate the few lines. Over all you can be more free next time and creative even with short text. But this really shows both wanted to hold this one calm breathing moment and its super relaxing. I would have specially loved when you both would have decided for another form of presentation. Its just very subjective but specially the text is so small you could have combined picture and text easier. It would have been such an pretty postcard if she wasn't right at the centre maybe little to the right and the poem to her left.. This would somehow had a bigger impact on me. But that is just high nitpicking don't worry. I really like the softness of the clouds and her relaxed pose. Happy you both joined and created such an awesome entry Both participants recreated the theme in a really pretty and delicate way. The Haiku is simple but pretty and fitting the theme. The art is really soothing and colorful. I like how you ended up going to a "Spring Meditation" way, which seems like in any moment she will finally "awake" to the spring around her. Really sweet work both of you! The Haiku gave a delicate and gentle feel and really fitted the theme. And the art was pretty and captured the feeling of being embraced by spring , and I love the refreshing feeling you got from the art as you wait for her to finish her meditation and awaken. You both did really great good job.Collab between @Songoffallingfeather and @YuzuruDropa You two where a super power team, and a short notice collaboration team. You both been Visual artists, and had somehow need to manage to make both parts awesome. I really love what you came up with.. The group harmony is so clearly seen here.. Both of you drew a scene of the story you guys made, and your form of presentations superb, with a small minus.. I was really sad that the text was so blurry. You both been kind and uploaded the pics separately to have a better resolution but none thought about the text. Maybe on your phone or PC it was not a problem but it makes me little headache. But i fought truth it, and the story is really nice as well, Two opposite groups who missed to see and acknowledge the value of the others.. and your super pretty maiden where so fresh young and innocent.. they naturally saw it and brought new peace in an even which was called Spring awakening. It isn't obvious for the main theme but looking closer on the second glace it fit awesomely.. Spring stands for New beginnings and what for a new beginning is that. You two where a pretty strong collab team and we so happy to see that you managed so well. Thanks for being part of this. One of the things I love about this entry is the fact that it was done in pages! It really seems like I'm reading a storybook. The fact that both drew and wrote the story is something that really pop out! The creativity here, not only in the storytelling but in the artwork, is really pretty and fitting. Lovely work both of you! I loved the old book feel to this collaboration it made me wish there was more to read and see, like the book you never want to put down. The art was well illustrated and the story was creative and fitting of the theme. Great job to you bothCollab between @Ceryhn and @Clownmonarch SSpring Awakening PoemSPRING AWAKENING

This is an entry for I really love the Poem, and it was imminently one of my favourites..its so small but so suiting and friendly. Its not easy to illustrate poems, i know that but therefore this is really an super adorable picture. It shows the Awakening and omg she looks so soft and cute.. i wanna hug her. I would have loved that you guys maybe found a better way for the presentation. The poem was not so long and even just extend the sky a little on the picture and put them together would have been more pretty to my eye.. would have been an awesome card like when you open the a card and inside you have a picture and text .. dunno.. but all in all this was super fitting to the theme and you both did such an awesome job.And we so happy you both made such a good team and participated One of the things that I love in this entry is the tune between both participants. Both went for a delicate and pretty touch of spring awakening. The poem is absolutely beautiful and represents the theme. The same applies to the art, which I particular love the detail that she seems to "awake", just like the theme "spring awakening". Lovely work you two! I really loved both parts of this collaboration the poem was amazing and the picture beautiful and delicate. The poem portrays the theme so lovely and the delicate art that portrays her as if she's awakening just as you finish the poem is amazing. Fantastic job to you both.Collab between @DoodleAnne and @Mai22Hikari SSpring Awakening&nbsp;Spring awakening

Text By doodlanne I really love the the depth of this story. First you read it but you don't get everything, but when you think about it you more and more see and be able to interpreter things into it. Like this Climbing up is like How you carry the baggage and burden all of yourself, and how you always help others but didn't took care of yourself.. and than learn that its okay to accept help and feel the lifting of a burden when you share it.. Or how it is like a deep winter.. where you in depression and you climb up to spring to get out of it. i would have wished that the partner helped a little more with proof reading- since Anne mentioned English is not her big spoon. So sure it was not as smooth to read. But still smooth enough to see this beautiful meaning. I must say i really thought that the picture was suiting the story perfectly. I felt like yehhh this is really a metamorphosis. An awesome cover picture for a story. I really loved all the details of the story in it. I would have loved to see more collaboration in the presentation. And not so many different uploads.. It somehow irritated me and took off the effect. Maybe next a little more about how you do things and find 1 way of presentation what suits you both.. how both of you feel comfortable.. Like your Doodles of the could have put in the description of everything , when you wanted to show them off as well.. When you collab, its important to have 1 line you show to people.Over all this was amazing anyway and we happy you both participated I really love how in detail both participants went with this entry. The art is a perfect illustration of the story (and vice versa) which is something I really like in this entry. The creativity is also captivating. Concerning the story, I love how one can easily imagine everything unfolding right in front of the eyes. And the illustration does the excellent work of portraying in a third person view. Amazing work you two! I really loved the enchanting feeling of this collaboration. From the story to the illustration how you portrayed them really felt magical. Fantastic job to you both.Sadly for us and @Blastmasterism324 and @KoooKus they didn't get both parts in intime for the deadlineP(Project: Collab) Another Spring (Lit, Poem)Can&#8217;t you hear the whispers
Of the gentleThank you once again to all those that participated, helped out, gave feed-back, donated prizes and gave support to the contestant and the Admin.We hope you will join us again and hopefully we will have some new Deviants to collaborate with.

Butterfly love by Nina1love1


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