Our Monthly Challenge is a Horror Movie Theme! (See blog) What's Your Favorite Horror Movie?
377 votes
The Ring
The Shinning
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
The Grudge
Resident Evil
Drag Me to Hell
Those aren't scary movies! THIS is a scary movie... (Comment please.)
I don't like scary movies!

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I love scary movies and it is hard to scare me, but I have to say Mirrors and Case 39 would have to be the scariest movies I've seen.
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HOLLY HELL!!!:iconthegrudgeplz:
Then when I finally got over it I watched the grudge 2 when I was 11, woah, that was when I drew the line!

Drag me 2 hell was just gross.
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when i was like, 4, the ring was my fav movie, same with 13 ghosts but thats a different story. Anyways, like i said, when i was 4 the rind was my fav movie and 13 ghosts was second and now if i watch them, they scar me for life and i get fricken scary nightmares for weeks...
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It's not that scary but I really love Stay Alive!
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the ring. :iconscaredplz: have you SEEN her plz? :iconsamaraplz:
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The Nightmare on Elm Street. <3
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The old Horror movies are much scarier and epic than these. :)
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I agree with nacholvr98. The Fourth Kind is very scary x__x.
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Silent Hill >D (The games are even better)
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Nightmare on Elm Street and Child's Play.
Although they don't scare me.
Nightmare on Elm Street creeps me out sometimes, though. |D
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The Blair Witch.
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1408 is a prettey creepy one
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If you want real fear, try Arachnophobia.
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The Crazies and The Orphan were pretty kick-ass.
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I remember watching all of Nightmare on Elm Streem when i was a kid at sleepovers :eager:
Back then it was extreme horror. Its not so scary anymore, but its on my "movies that scared me for life" list
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Actually there are a list of scary movies I have seen and these may be creepy and bloody but I still think anything without suspense is just lame.. plain gore is ugly but only scares me if I feel helpless too... any rate... many movies that still scare me are.. Aliens, The Exorcist, The Omen, The Freaks, well I won't go on. :lol:
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The Freddy Krueger flicks take the cake in my book. The rest are child's toys by comparison. Nightmare on Elm Street... come on!!! :fear:
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The Fourth Kind is the scariest movie ever. It's like etched into my mind... :fear:
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I only watched this because my dad made me when I was 9. It's a 15 anime called Akira. Never mention that to me. There is a picture which I hate and is the only one I can remember.
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Also Weeping Angels are the scariest Doctor Who monster ever. I used to (And still am sometimes.) be scared of going out of my room at night in case they were outside.

PS. I have never watched any of the above and hate scariness.
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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is the BEST from all of the above ^U^
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ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! of course, i never bothered to watch them! shawn of the dead was scary enough! ...what? i hate zombies! even in a dark comedy!!
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