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Rules Sign by etNoir
:police: PLEASE do not leave a comment on the group's profile page requesting a personal avatar. There is a widget below :below: that contains commission information to get an avatar for a fee.

Do NOT argue, threaten, bully or belittle the admins for any reason! Any construed threat will mean being blocked by the group, as well as possibly by the Admins themselves. Any threat will be reported to the Help Desk :helpdesk:
Respect the Admins by TheGalleryOfEve
:bulletblue: Potential Members must have at least five (5) free avatars to share with the community to join. Members MUST be avatar creators but can have emoticons, stamps and dividers as a side interest.

No one has to be a member to use an avatar in the group's gallery. Also, no one has to be a member in order to showcase an avatar in the group. Send a link to the avatar and it will be invited into the group's gallery:aww:

FAQ #662: How do I create an Avatar, to display on my User Page and next to my Comments?
FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?

:bulletblue: Please do not use copyrighted material taken off the Internet, such as celebrities, in your avatars. Doing so violates DeviantArt's copyright policies.

Google Images are NOT Stock Stamp by poserfan

:bulletblue: Potential members must provide a link to at least five (5) free avatars to apply in the join request. Make sure the avatars are clearly marked free either in the title or artist description. A link can be to an avatar folder or from a gallery search for the avatars.

:bulletblue: Commissions do NOT count as part of the five, nor do any avatars that require points to use.

:bulletblue: The Group does NOT accept "Lick" Avatars, NOR are excessively animated deviations accepted; i.e. avatars that could cause a seizure.

:bulletblue: Absolutely NO "Mature-Rated" avatars, icons, stamps or dividers accepted.

:bulletblue: Acceptable Avatars: 50 x 50 pixels and 15 kb or less for Deviants and 50 x 100 pixels and 30 kb or less for Groups.

:bulletblue: Over-sized icons can be submitted to the stamp folder.

:bulletblue: If you are interested in learning how to create avatars, check This List of Tutorials to learn how to make them (Gimp is a free download and there are tutorials especially for that program).

Free-dAvatars Rule Changes
:iconfree-dAvatars: Free-dAvatars 

Okay... the original founder of Free-dAvatars has not logged in to DeviantArt for over six years now, and another Deviant who was acting Founder for awhile years ago is gone as well. I was able to take over the "Founder" account FreeAvatarProject  because I had been give the password, which I changed just a few years ago.
*That means I am adjusting the rules to fit the goal I have for the group. Ergo, the :new: rules!

:iconnewsboyplz: The New * Rules include a change in the amount of avatars required to be a member. Members can use offsite avatar-creators in order to have avatars to submit. There is a stamp folder for free stamps anyone can use. There will be an emoticon folder for any free emotico




:icongoldmedalplz: :iconnewsboyplz: :iconsilvermedalplz:

Happy 3rd Birthday! Read inside for FUN!It's that time of the year again... Our beloved little dAmn home, :#ThumbHub: is turning three years old on July 5th! It's that time in our life where we're mostly potty-trained but we still throw a nasty temper tantrum when provoked. We chuck half our food, eat the rest, and dump drinks all over the furniture. And we wouldn't be able to do any of these things without our awesome user base that continues to grow each day! Thanks for three awesome years!
To celebrate this milestone, we're going to be hosting a day of fun events with prizes on Wednesday, July 4th. The events will be things like rock, paper, scissors and trivia and even a scavenger hunt! Keep an eye on the ThumbHub group (add to your watch or join as a member!) because we'll be posting the chat event schedule via a poll a couple days before we party!
But wait... THERE'S MORE! (there usually is with us ;P )
Beginning NOW until July 21st, we are holding a contest! The theme of the contes
Thank you all for joining, loved the entries!! I hope you will stay tuned for the upcoming events <33
Hello everyone! PlXlEDUST here! Here we are again people, its a bit later than anticipated, but we got there! My apologies for my absence, due to family related issues and while I'm planning all the new events, well, keeps a person busy, doesn't it? But less about me and more about this icon contest, eh?
Thank you to last year's icon contest winner QviCreations - it has been amazing using this fun icon and an absolute pleasure to see when I log in in the mornings!!<33
- -
Star! Star! Star! Alright, for the suggestions of which JR's you can use for the icon is; Star! Star! Star!
(do not create your own,


YCH Pixel Icon commissions - limited slots!Hello everyone!
I'm opening a special, limited icon commissions!
The icons will be made on my base:

Here are examples of already existing icons on this base:

Price: 220 :points: for animated winking icon OR 200 points for non-animated icon.
The slots number is limited to 9 slots. I will not make any more icons on this base as a commission anymore.
Please DO NOT send payment up front! I will ask you for a payment once I accept your commission.

If you are interested, please send me a note with the form that is on the bottom of this journal or
OPEN / Commission Info /coding, CSS, pixel art!Progress list
Commission rules
By making an order, you declare that you read and accepted my rules.
Please use "I want it!" buttons to fill a form and send a note.
Click to jump to:
:bulletwhite: Pixel icons
:bulletwhite: Pixel art pagedolls
:bulletwhite: Group profile skin
:bulletwhite: Journal skin
:bulletwhite: Gallery skin
:bulletwhite: Personal profile pimping AKA profile design & coding
:bulletwhite: CSS Custom box

Pixel icons

A pixel art in size of user or group avatar (50x50 px or 100x50 px). Each icon is one of a kind (unless you ask for something similar). The icon can include transparent parts, as well as animation for the price that is set up below. You can also use these as a decoration for
updated---- Drawing Commission Information~~Welcome~~
(Commissions are open and updated! Please comment below if you are interested. :happybounce: )
Last updated January 24th, 2018
I will draw Humans, humanoids, anthros, animals, original species-- Extremely flexible when it comes to character design
(Please ask if you have any questions!)
I will not Draw NSFW or suggestive material.
Please read Deviantart's TOS if you have not already.
Shaded Sketches
~Bust - $5~
~Waist Up - $7~
~Full Body - $10~
~Doodle page (8 random doodles of 1 character) - $15~
Drache-Lehre's TOS and Commission Info~ Jack of Many Trades; Master of None~!
I am OPEN to orders for my Pumpkin GIS !

Everything else is still closed tho!

In this journal you will find all the basic info and samples on things that I can potentially make for you! If you are interested on placing an order with me, please pay mind and respect the status button first. When I am closed, please do not order and wait until I announce I am open. When you can order, you may place your order here in a new comment OR :note: me! Each section will have a few samples included to make it easy but if you for some reason you want to see more, just browse my gallery. Some areas have a LOT more. xD
Please Read & Respect my TERMs of SERVICE (TOS) if you want to COMMISSION me!
Payment is requested upfront please before I start! As of 2017 - I’ll accept paypal as payment for those who prefer that

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Submission Limit

:deviation: :gallery:

Submissions are Limited to Ten (10) per day as per the restrictions implemented by DeviantART.

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