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Rules Sign by etNoir
:police: PLEASE do not leave a comment on the group's profile page requesting a personal avatar. There is a widget below :below: that contains commission information to get an avatar for a fee.

Do NOT argue, threaten, bully or belittle the admins for any reason! Any construed threat will mean being blocked by the group, as well as possibly by the Admins themselves. Any threat will be reported to the Help Desk :helpdesk:
Respect the Admins by TheGalleryOfEve
:bulletblue: Potential Members must have at least five (5) free avatars to share with the community to join. Members MUST be avatar creators but can have emoticons, stamps and dividers as a side interest.

No one has to be a member to use an avatar in the group's gallery. Also, no one has to be a member in order to showcase an avatar in the group. Send a link to the avatar and it will be invited into the group's gallery:aww:

FAQ #662: How do I create an Avatar, to display on my User Page and next to my Comments?
FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?

:bulletblue: Please do not use copyrighted material taken off the Internet, such as celebrities, in your avatars. Doing so violates DeviantArt's copyright policies.

Google Images are NOT Stock Stamp by poserfan

:bulletblue: Potential members must provide a link to at least five (5) free avatars to apply in the join request. Make sure the avatars are clearly marked free either in the title or artist description. A link can be to an avatar folder or from a gallery search for the avatars.

:bulletblue: Commissions do NOT count as part of the five, nor do any avatars that require points to use.

:bulletblue: The Group does NOT accept "Lick" Avatars, NOR are excessively animated deviations accepted; i.e. avatars that could cause a seizure.

:bulletblue: Absolutely NO "Mature-Rated" avatars, icons, stamps or dividers accepted.

:bulletblue: Acceptable Avatars: 50 x 50 pixels or and 100 x 100 pixels for FreeDeviantsavatars.

:bulletblue: Over-sized icons can be submitted to the stamp folder.

:bulletblue: If you are interested in learning how to create avatars, check This List of Tutorials to learn how to make them (Gimp is a free download and there are tutorials especially for that program).

Free-dAvatars Rule Changes
:iconfree-dAvatars: Free-dAvatars 

Okay... the original founder of Free-dAvatars has not logged in to DeviantArt for over six years now, and another Deviant who was acting Founder for awhile years ago is gone as well. I was able to take over the "Founder" account FreeAvatarProject  because I had been give the password, which I changed just a few years ago.
*That means I am adjusting the rules to fit the goal I have for the group. Ergo, the :new: rules!

:iconnewsboyplz: The New * Rules include a change in the amount of avatars required to be a member. Members can use offsite avatar-creators in order to have avatars to submit. There is a stamp folder for free stamps anyone can use. There will be an emoticon folder for any free emotico

Group Info

Free dAvatars
All of our members make FREE avatars for you to use at deviantART. Just browse through our gallery, and choose an avatar that suits you. Please follow the artist's terms of use before using any of the icons you find here.

FAQ #147: How do I upload or remove an avatar for my profile?
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Icon - Thanks for the Request by fmr0
Happy Birthday my friend! by TheGalleryOfEve
Respect the Admins by TheGalleryOfEve
Free Miscellaneous Animated Avatars And Icons
Glass flask - F2U by LVX-1
Storm-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Magic Love Orb by wonderingwellow
Magic Water Orb by wonderingwellow
Free Miscellaneous Non-Animated Avatars And Icons
i have no avatar by Adrastia217
Free Summer Wooden Doll icon by SazLeigh
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Free Animal and Creature Avatars And Icons
Free Avatar: Bee by apparate
Pride Plushies: Demiboy Teddy by chibirokishoto
Shimmer Sparkle Dolphin by wonderingwellow
free llama running :3 by MenInASuitcase
Free Artistic Avatars And Icons
ORB - FTU by CuckooHoopoe
Crayon Box-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Palette FREEAVATAR by MellotheMarshmallow
Plush Maker: Free avatar by TheDeathOfSen
Free deviantART Avatars And Icons
#ArtFortunes-avatar by Lady-Pixel
AV - Fella Squish by firstfear
Free llama King Unicorn Avatar by MixedMilkChOcOlate
Valentine's Day Card Creation-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Free Fan Art Avatars And Icons
Sailor Moon Brooch-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Crystal Star Compact-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Bill Cipher-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Gravity Falls Journal-avatar by Lady-Pixel
Free Food and Beverage Avatars And Icons
Free Avatar - Coffee by LingYee
FREE ICON: IceCream by AndreeaArsene
Vanilla Icecream -- Free Icon by lilloulou
Avatar: Green M+M by FantasyStockAvatars
Free Holiday Avatars And Icons
CHICK {F2U} by DangerouslySlowCat
Easter Bunny Snoopy by wonderingwellow
Peep x Pepsi Pink by wonderingwellow
Peep x Pepsi Blue by wonderingwellow
Free Places and Location Avatars And Icons
F2U Mountain Icon by HunterTheWastelander
Floating Islands - Free To Use Avatar by a-kid-at-heart
Underwater - FREE AVATAR by SerenaDream
Winter Street Icon - Free To Use by a-kid-at-heart
Free Matching Sets of Avatars And Icons
[Free] Zelda Item Icon set by RevPixy
Free Nature and Plant Avatars And Icons
Blue Moon - FTU by CuckooHoopoe
Free People And Character Avatars And Icons
Free to use icon - 12 by Lainoutopixel
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Signal Disturbed FREEAVATAR by MellotheMarshmallow
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Autism Symbol by Schwarzer--Ritter
Free Transportation Avatars And Icons
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Among Us-strawberry by Lady-Pixel
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Free My Little Pony Avatars And Icons
Twilight Sparkle Animated Avatar by Schwarzer--Ritter
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Rainbow Star Divider by wonderingwellow
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GroupIcon DAJewishAssociation by fmr0
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Free Avatar - Meow Blink by CassidyPeterson
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Among Us-frames by Lady-Pixel

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its almost time to see who the winner is
we had a great turnout
to vote leave a comment below of number or the avatar/picture
you like the most,and i'll count the votes :typerhappy:
Anyone Can Vote
Everyone Get One Vote
Deadline-April 5-15:la:
voting closed
Easter Bunny Snoopy
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second placeRed Ribbon
Simple Divider (FTU)


Peep x Pepsi Yellow


Chirping Easter Woodstock


Easter Bunny Snoopy


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Sea Bunny


Contest Easter Avatar


Easter Bunny Icon


Easter Avatar


Fat Easter Chickie Icon


Easter Squid Pixel


Easter Bug Pixel


Angel Boy Icon


Angel Girl Icon


Easter Basket Pixel


Chocolate Easter Bunny Icon


easter avatar


Easter Chicken Pixel


Easter Egg Pixel


Bunny Cookie Icon (F2U)


Easter Avatar - Binky take 2 - Free To Use


Easter Avatar - Binky take 1 - Free To Use


Easter Avatar [F2U]


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