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Free Banba Shinya Mahiru Avatar by neogalactic54
Free Bianca Avatar by neogalactic54
Free Chick pixel Icon {Animated} by Zeotrap
Free My Melody Pixel Icon by Zeotrap
~OPEN~Paypal Commissions! 10 slots available!7/26/20 update: scribble page commissions available for $11!wanted to make a nice clean summary journal amongst this disgusting eclipse formatSLOTS [first come first serve]: ___ slot 1___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 2___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 3___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 4___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 5___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 6___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 7___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 8___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 9___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.?? ___ slot 10___ :  unclaimed! ~due by ??? - $?.??COMMISSION ITEMS:~ DOODLE PAGES ~ $14description: 3-4 colored fullbody drawings of your/a character! TOP NOTCH GOOD BARGAIN 1!!1B)))) as always be sure to provide a ref- if you want a specific pose or something let me know. complexity of the character doesn't affect price bUT LIke go easy on me ok lol~ FLAT COLORED FULLBODIES ~ EITHER $10 , $12 , OR $14description: I hate eclipse < :' '''' '333 high quality, best effort!! depending on your character's complexity, the price will vary.simple characters, [ ex: steven from steven universe ] will be $10 (lil color palette, most short characters go in this category- it depends)medium complexity, [ ex: peridot ] are $12 (multiple textures, colorful outfit)complex characters, [ ex: suglilite ] are $14 (just lookit her)~ TRADITIONAL COLORED FULLBODIES ~ EITHER $4, $5, OR $6description: traditional, lil digitally-colored doodad for u to enjoy !! u can turn em into lil page dolls ! save em on ur desktop ! lemme know if you'd like a penciled or inked outline. penciled ex: RIGHT. inked ex: LEFT. price depends on complexity:simple=$4more detail= $5complex= $6~ PIXEL ICONS ~ $5description: YEEEEEES, PIXEL ICONS! step right up folks don't be shyy . describe your character's personality. if i were you, i'd pick a character of yours that doesn't have TOO much detail, (ex: big hair, long ears that stick up, etc.) that way it'll look best smooshed into a 50x50 square. these icons are still headshots or busts depending on the complexity of the character. 50x50, sparkles included.~ WIGGLE ICONS ~ $5description: self-explanatory , right?~ i recommend characters without too much complexity so its not too busy! enjoy!~ SCRIBBLE PAGES ~ $11description: !!!!!!!! I scribble your character!!!!!!!! you're gonna get like 6-8 drawings. if your character is really tiny you can probably get a bunch moreINSTRUCTIONS FOR PURCHASEplease note me on deviantart if you'd like to make a purchase ! i will send you an invoice on paypal !!! please do not send me a personal payment thank u !  please have your owed amount ready when purchasing, and remember, i can only hold your slot for 48 hours !POLICIES & NOPES-i will give myself a deadline to finish your item. if for some reason i don't finish by my own assigned due date, i'll give you 50% off any item if you decide to buy something else from me again. this coupon never expires <3-i can hold a slot for you for 2 days, 48 hours since your comment was posted-i can post this art piece anywhere, put it in a showcase whatever. if you would not like this, lemme know-no nsfw/gore/any thing i may not feel comfortable drawing, please feel free to suggest another! this includes flags or any sort of symbols like swastikas, antichrist/pentagrams or hieroglyphics. any symbol such as that will be left blank- talk to me-no refunds or IOUS :- (socials:…thank you for shopping with gremlins
Vintage Greenwing Macaw Icon - Animated by Yesterdays-Paper
Vintage Parrot Macaw Icon - Sepia by Yesterdays-Paper
Vintage Blue and Gold Macaw Icon- left by Yesterdays-Paper
Free Icon Zoroark by Beagle012
[F2U] Shuten Pagedoll by sthenogaming
F2U Emote | Fidough by Buncaked
[Free Icon/Emoticon] FFXIV Pagaga (Taunt) by kofucha
My Official SilentHill2001 Avatar by URADUST-BLAKE
More free icons by BronzeHalo
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Out there, there are many avatars and pixelations that are under-appreciated. So, I have started this list to help artists get more feedback and/or appreciation from other deviants.
Even, if you don't have a premium membership, you can still be able to participate in this by commenting your thoughts/feelings about the deviation. Comment on this blog to put your name on the list so, others can find you, look at your art and critique/comment on them. If you are given a comment/critique, please return it and do the same for the other person.If I do receive more than 3 complaints about you not returning your critiques/comments, I will have to take you off the list...

Critique List:
Comment List:
MADE A NEW PROJECT BOX :D. Note me to add your own pixel projects. They can be for avatars or any type of PIXEL! And currently, I am running my own project if you want to
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