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June 26, 2008
Paradise City by *Fredy3D is another shining example of why Fredy is a dynamic and exceptional artist. Please take a moment to look around his gallery, if you haven't been there before.
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Paradise City

I got it bad
you don't know how bad i got it
you got it easy
you don't know when you got it good
it's getting harder
just keeping life and soul together
i'm sick of fighting
even though i know i should
the cold is biting
through each and every nerve and fibre
my broken spirit is frozen to the core
don't wanna be here no more

wouldn't it be good to be in your shoes
even if it was for just one day
and wouldn't it be good if we could wish ourselves away
wouldn't it be good to be on your side
the grass is always greener over there
wouldn't it be good if we cold live without a care

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good - 1991


Welcome to Paradise City where the grass is always greener...

Something I got on my mind and it took quite some more time as expected to get it finished. It is my first pic where I used Vue6 for the background. Camera and lighting were synchronized between C4D and Vue using the vue plugin for C4D, the wall is part in both scenes as synchronization element. Background sccene was rendered in Vue, front in C4D together with the rendered background-picture from Vue. Still a lot to learn to handle this toolchain better... ;)

BTW the building in front is the modified wall from AerySoul's freebie team =D

Used toolchain: Poser 6/7 -> interPOSER(Ltd/Pro) -> Cinema4D V9.5 XL + Vue 6 Infinite -> PhotoshopCS3
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BONZIBROWN48's avatar
Were the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

John-Guy's avatar
Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Oh won't you please take me home?
Will-of-the-spurr's avatar
I'm just an urchin living under the street,
i'm a hard case that's tough to beat,
i'm your charity case, so buy me something to eat,
I'll pay you at another tiiiime,
send it to the end of the line!
Unit645's avatar
Where the roads are clean and the cars are pretty (fast). 
railbaron1's avatar
Paradise City, where grass is green and the girls are pretty. Beautiful place, especially at 230 MPH.
danieljknight's avatar
excellent, the two front birds look like they dont have enough detail tho
NoStressBaggy's avatar
AMAZING dude really great job how much was done in each program? anyways really great job
Fredy3D's avatar
Thanks :) The posing and clothing of the girl was done in Poser, also the birds in front. The sky, the forest and the city in the back and the big wall were rendered in Vue 6. This picture was taken as background image for the complete scene (left wall, girl, birds) beeing rendered in Cinema 4D. Postwork was done in photoshop (for example some color correction and painting of the birds in the distance).
NoStressBaggy's avatar
Thanks a bunch for the quick response, i did a quick browse through your pics, and i really love your style, so my new question is : what is VUE useful for and is there a certain version thats way better than the others? and do you make all your poser models yourself?

Fredy3D's avatar
The main focus using Vue is for creating incredibly reach scenes with lots of plants, stones etc. The built-in ecosystem makes the arrangement of these plants and addons very easy and the ecosystem can manage an incredible amount of such elements where most other renderers will give up. So when it comes to landscape, plants, skies, water then Vue is a very very good selection. Since it is not limited to rendering plantsyou can also render archtectural things or characters very nicely. There are different versions of Vue available but it is the normal feature related scaling. The more features you want the more money you have to pay... Vue 9.5 infinite is the top of all Vue programs at the moment with all features you can get :) The main drawback of Vue is the speed of the render engine. I am on Vue 8 Infinite and Cinema 4D renders much much much faster!

Regarding your other question: No, I don't make the Poser models on my own. I buy them at different shops like DAZ, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA. What I do is that I modify them and their clothes in Cinema 4D to create something new. Creating everything on my own would cost too much time, this 3D stuff is just a hobby for me. I just like to create and render the scenes you see in my gallery. Nevertheless, for the future I have planned to make some creatures on my own using ZBrush and the new character tools from Cinema4D V13 which will be available next month :)
NoStressBaggy's avatar
thank you so much for the detailed response! you have been a huge help!

and feel free to let me know what you think of my work :)
RawrNinjaArtist's avatar
its not paradise city if the grass is not green and the girls are not pretty...

just a heads up
Fun! And very good compositing.
loki-lou's avatar
Ooh gorgeous, I love the concept. Nice work on the reflection on the wall!
Fredy3D's avatar
SNGPSo's avatar
Waay too realistic!!!
How many hours does each piece take? i suggest you write it in the description if you want.
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