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Daily Deviation
April 26, 2009
Do Robots Dream? by `Fredy3D
Because if they do, I'd like to dream their dream with them.
Featured by gucken
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Do Robots Dream

If robots sleep do the dream from a better life or are they just switched off?
What happens if one of them just wakes up... will it come to life? Or will it just think it is all a dream...?


You know I am a SciFi addict... and yes... I now the good old novel "Do Androids dream from electric sheep?" from one of my favourite writers Philip K. Dick. Most of you know it was the inspiration for "Bladerunner" one of my favourite movies.... ;)

Used toolchain: Poser 6 -> interPOSERPro 1.0 -> Cinema4D V9.5 XL -> PhotoshopCS2
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Khasdannyanlord's avatar
not only dream.. but basically what is a robot?
Fredy3D's avatar
indeed an interesting question... are humans just incredibly evolved "robots" or are robots (at least today) incredibly stupid humans?
Where is the break even point? When will a robot be judged as human?
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
thos all numbers what are classified like "error" and those functions... and why today our cellphones and video systems sometimes switch on themselves alone?... hmmm i ask myself everyday if they are beyond us or simply they are watching us... for learning?
Fredy3D's avatar
I think "they" are not there yet... but you're right, who are we to tell what's happening on the other, the digital side...? :shrug:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a longer comment. Very much appreciated :nod:
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
no way thanks to you for share your amazing art!
Padded-Woman's avatar
This Maybe Going To Be Our Future.  :P  :D
No Need For Daily Feeding.  :P  :D
There Is No Need For Waste Disposal Except Just Full Blown 100% Totally Fully Obedience To For The Grand Master.  :P  :D
The Reward Will Only Be a NON-STOP Mind-Digital Sexual-Arousal Which is Constant Feeling of Explosive Orgasmic Virtual Ejaculation While The Senses Felt That It is In Sex-Heaven BUT WITHOUT The Need For Physical Intercourse that is.  :P  :D
TheAngelsWrathSaga's avatar
And what happens when the robots are the only ones that dream?
Fredy3D's avatar
Yes, that's indeed an interesting question...
jvel4073's avatar
I Love This .
I wish They can Use your Render in a Up Coming Movie
 Like I Robot 2 as Sonny Helper. Love Fantastic .:handshake:
BadKitty44's avatar
Maybe the question today is: Do fembots dream of electric sheep? 😸 LOL, good pix.
Fredy3D's avatar
;) hehehe, thx :)
ChasingDreams303's avatar
Amazing work! And yes I'd like to think Robots could dream a little bit! Haha
Fredy3D's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature :)
Grim-Red's avatar
Lovely android. I wouldn't mind having one of these in my house. Or would I? Do they dream of being human? Or better machines?
markusultimatum's avatar
So human!
Maybe more?

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CandyTheCat1987's avatar
wow that's pretty cool!
RGUS's avatar
So inspirational.
pevexxx's avatar
Fionbarr's avatar
Strikingly beautiful. :)
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