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Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)
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Core member 'til hell freezes over?

Core member 'til hell freezes over?

Ahem?! What the hell? ;) How? When? Who? A glitch in the system? :omg: A very generous friend? :love: Please tell me?! A curious and confused artist wants to know more about this.... :confused: >>>> Solved: In January all Senior Members got this from DA! What a really great surprise! Thanks a lot DA!

2020 here we go...

2020 here we go...

Ooops! Already one month gone.... :giggle: Can you imagine?! It has been over one year since my last journal entry... ts ts ts... how could this happen? Yes, time flies if your having fun, did I have fun? Yes, most of the time :) With beginning of 2019(!) I shifted into a new position in my company. And boy, that was a challenge... a good one of course :) 3 month into the job the first assessment with an excellent result, 5 month into the job the first ISO-audit with another excellent result. I got a fantastic new team in India and all the guys over here in Europe (Germany, Hungary, South Germany) are a pleasure to work with. Really fanta

New year, some news

New year, some news

Hi guys as you might have noticed I have started to do some renderings again. Yes, about time, I know... I hope to continue like this next year and be able to create some new renderings on a more regular basis. The chances are good. I am shifting to a different position in my company, new and different tasks. It will be in the area of requirements engineering and process improvement, something I have already worked on a decade ago. So, not completely new :) And hopefully much less stress :fingerscrossed: At the same time I am reducing my weekly working hours from 40 to 35 (being the standard over here). Therefore you really might be able

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I love your ancient futurism ancient sci-fi or whatever you want to call it with Egypt I have found some other stuff like it for Rome and Greece like Dofresh had like a series of images with a Greek mech it was pretty cool.

I wish it was easier to find this stuff their needs to be a name for it. Also some stuff like that for Rome Greece Norse hell even like ancient China or Japan would be awesome. I really like this sort of art shame its hard to find.

Fredy3D Digital Artist

Hmm... yes, you're right... never thought about to tag it in that way.

But what would be the correct "tag" for it?

"Ancient Scifi"? "Alternate future history"?

Or simply "Egypt + Scifi"?

Definitely not "retro scifi" ;)

I'd suggest ancient futurism cause it just fits and i don't see a way of making it something-punk and technically sandalpunk... but that specifically mentions Iron age tech and so it really doesn't fit.

A little late :ashamed: but wishing you a very :iconbdayplz: and may this year be your happiest and most successful and creative one yet.
Fredy3D Digital Artist
No worries, belated birthday wishes are also very appreciated. Thanks a lot for the fantastic wishes :thanks:
korblborpHobbyist Traditional Artist
PartyPartyHave your cake and eat it too Birthday cake  icon by Ehsartem Have your cake and eat it tooPartyParty

                        Happy Birthday!
Fredy3D Digital Artist
wooohooo :) :) :) PARTY!!! :giggle: