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Spinosaurus 2020


Alright, I got it right this time.
This one took months to finally wrap up, but I'm happy its finally complete! Unfortunately, I missed out on the hype-train earlier this year about Spinosaurus' awesome new look. I couldn't add my own reconstruction to the glorious wave of incredible art others had done of this elegant creature since I was so busy. So here's my own very aquatic interpretation of the new, 2020 Spinosaurus. Based on Ibrahim & comp. paper. Spinosaurus is one of my favorites and it just keeps getting cooler looking with every update.
A lot of thought went into very subtle details. I wanted a very water dependent and aquatic look so I added things like smooth, round body shapes, webbed hands and feet, Gharial-like rectangular scales along the back, Sea Snake hexagon scales along the paddle-like tail, a crocodilian throat pouch, and Cormorant-like soft tissue on the legs for extra hydrodynamics. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to draw it again another time.

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beutiful! we convergentaly evolved the same idea for spinosaurus!

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i love the shot of it underwater

keep up the great work

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I Can See It Now. Spinosaurus Walking Along The Shallow Sea Bed. It's Tail Serving As A Stabilizer And Propulsion, It Does Not Chase Prey Down, Rather It Prefers Hunting Like A Stork, But When It Has To Get Somewhere, This Is What It Would Do. Awesome To See Art Of My Favorite Dinosaur Looking Like This.

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It would be bad idea to take a bath with him ? :o Awesome work.

Well if he's in a good mood you could probably give it a try😉

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YOU...., Are a master! - PAV

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Absolutely beautiful
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Amazing. Like a saltwater crocodile cruising the shallows. Gotta love the aquatic Spinosaurus. Also, LOVE the different adaptations you gave it

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I see you on literally every Spino artwork its hilarious

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Spino is awesome how could I not lmao?

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It's not, both papers and one skeletal are pretty bad overall (Hone&Holtz, Henderson, Hartman). They all still cling onto some pre-2014 Spinosaurus ideas. Also, Henderson have made Spinosaurus too thin in his 2018 paper, and he made that god -awful estimate of 12.6-14.3 meters and 12-20.9 tonnes estimate with Therrien back in 2007, so he doesn't have a good track record.

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Hone and Holtz (2021) actually made some good arguments and Spinosaurus probably wasn't well designed to be a fast pursuit underwater predator. Also we shouldn't automatically dismiss Henderson's paper just because we assume a wider torso will correct the tipping issue, because, as Mark Witton has noted, a wider torso will increase the lung volume fraction and impact buoyancy. Further work is needed.

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we dont ave the same level

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Very nicely done , i like the patterns

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Wow, This is amazing!! A truly splendid work of art.
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Amazing, simply gorgeous. Though (speaking as an informed amateur) I can't disregard Mark Witton's reservations about the new trendy Spiny-design. We need more data, dammit!

- - -

Still, yours looks very cool.

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Amazing work my friend, the Spinosaurus its amazing .
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