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Riptor: Killer Instict

Havent been able to get a decent personal piece out in a while, so I've rushed this, hammering at it for three days, to get it finished on Halloween night, 8:00 PM, 2020.
Been wanting to do something badass and reptilian for some time, so here's the dreaded Riptor! I always used to be smashin' on the Killer Instinct arcade back in the day. She doesnt get enough love I feel, so here's some fun fanart.

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Wow, that is awesome - would like to have one for the front yard :-)

I love this, I love what you've done to one of my favourite Killer Instinct character which if I were to rank for me only second to Hisako.

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my big girl yay uwu i sttiill play KI on the xbox version on my pc ad she is my mainn with the wolfy boi sabrewulf uwu

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Rareware were the absolute masters.

I use to tear it up with Riptor. With no cheat codes, I beat Eydol in 20-28 seconds with Jaygo, then the screen froze... I beat him so bad I broke the SNES system.

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Fuck yeah, Riptor!

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OOOOH so this is where you've been. man I remember you from those clay dinosaur videos, didn't know you switched to digital art maybe I missed an announcement in your videos or something. man that's a surprise. but you go man, this is really good stuff.

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Fantastic! There really isn't enough good fanart of them. Personally, am not a fan of their new iteration in the latest KI game. Always preferred the more biological, human hybrid look of the original.

I love the detail.

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Wow! Amazing! My ever favourite fighter player :D

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She does look really cool.

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My favorite Fighter in that game. Thanks for posting this. :love:

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Awesome depiction!

Riptor was my favourite character back in the day, but I played KI on the Super Nintendo. I even recall I was able to get a decent combo... :D

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This is awesome! Amazing work!

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