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Commission work of a 90s/Modern take on Tyrannosaurus stalking. I've been doing a lot of rexes lately so this was fun to do.
You can see the black background version on Artstation:…
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one of my favorite dinos

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Wow! How realistic it is! If it's not a secret, how much does this work cost?

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Oh. My. God. ❤❤👍👍

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doesn't look that much different from the most recent updated t rex..

Hejuneosaurus's avatar

Looks very amazing.

AimeePenguins's avatar

this actually looks like a living breathing animal!

JurassicSauropods's avatar

I thought that rex drawing was a model toy of it until I read the description, and I'm like, wait- what

DinoDilopho's avatar
wohohoooh, now That is incredible...!
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Love the details on the face and with the eyes especially. I have got to put this out and say I am so jealous of your work and it is very inspirational. I would love become as talented and detailed as you. Do you mind if I ask how you normal create your art? Like step by step process?

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That's a nice piece of work

Good job bro

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CHONKY  I love them
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One of the best T. rex artworks Ive ever seen
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I would imagine that T-Rex would come back from extinction😊

Are you going to do another tyrannosaurus rex with partial feathering 
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Probably the most badass looking modern rex depiction ive seen so far, i love the colour especially.
what a pretty rexie!
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Love the patterns - it's colourful without being too over the top and still looks natural, and the musculature is fantastic. 
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this is wonderful! I love the mouth and how you do the lips, I'm sure that can't be easy at all! Just wanna ask, is the leg size exaggerated? It looks a little large, but if you tell me that the proportion is correct, I guess I have to draw my t rexes differently from now on!
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They don't call you ''Fred the Dinosaurman '' for nothing , this Rex looks perfectB-) (Cool) jurassic-park-Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [V.1] Jurassic Park Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [V.2] 
TheCrocodileLord's avatar
Jurassic Park done right
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