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Commission work of a 90s/Modern take on Tyrannosaurus stalking. I've been doing a lot of rexes lately so this was fun to do.
You can see the black background version on Artstation:…
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DinoDilophoHobbyist General Artist
wohohoooh, now That is incredible...!
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Love the details on the face and with the eyes especially. I have got to put this out and say I am so jealous of your work and it is very inspirational. I would love become as talented and detailed as you. Do you mind if I ask how you normal create your art? Like step by step process?

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IronosaurusStudent Artist

That's a nice piece of work

Good job bro

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grapejuice-dragoonHobbyist Digital Artist
CHONKY  I love them
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One of the best T. rex artworks Ive ever seen
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TyranoKing123Hobbyist General Artist

I would imagine that T-Rex would come back from extinction😊

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Are you going to do another tyrannosaurus rex with partial feathering 
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AidenTheHumanYHobbyist General Artist
Love the colors
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Probably the most badass looking modern rex depiction ive seen so far, i love the colour especially.
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erickreillyartProfessional Digital Artist
I love it!
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what a pretty rexie!
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TheBatmeme368Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the patterns - it's colourful without being too over the top and still looks natural, and the musculature is fantastic. 
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this is wonderful! I love the mouth and how you do the lips, I'm sure that can't be easy at all! Just wanna ask, is the leg size exaggerated? It looks a little large, but if you tell me that the proportion is correct, I guess I have to draw my t rexes differently from now on!
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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist
They don't call you ''Fred the Dinosaurman '' for nothing , this Rex looks perfectB-) (Cool) jurassic-park-Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [V.1] Jurassic Park Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [V.2] 
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Jurassic Park done right
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Incredible! it looks very realistic!
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that looks really good.
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Nice work! So, this os based on how we thought how T. rex looked like in the 90s, or I misunderstood something? It doesn't seem to have the large face scales of the most recent reconstructions.
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Sketchy-raptorStudent General Artist
While the maxillary textures are very likely correlates for epidermal scales, the exact size, shape and overall surface relief of these scales is still somehwat ambiguous. Fred's interpretation works with the data we have, and the outlines of fairly large eliptical maxillary scales do look more defined in the higher contrast, dark background version on his artstation page. 
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I love it! This is an accurate representation, right?
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Will this ever show up on T.rex's wikipedia page?!
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Is this a scientifically accurate reconstruction of this animal? It looks amazing!!!
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berrypassStudent Digital Artist
No it's not. Studies have proven that actual tyrannosauruses had feathers and a different structure.
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Not sure which “studies” you’re referring to but all we know is that the basal ancestors of derived tyrannosaurids (the Proceratosaurs) possessed filamentous integument but new insights towards the skin impressions of said derived Tyrants leads us believe that the Tyrannosaurus had a more squamous covering of fine non overlapping scales across its body as a trade off from the more feathered appearance of its ancestors. This doesn’t necessarily preclude the concept of sparse filaments being present on T.rex but based on current data one must concede that we should likely be leaning towards a more conservative appearance of the creature than what has been so popularized for the past decade (dense coat/cape of feathers I mean).

In regards to Fred’s rex here the morphology of the animal seems spot on , it has a good amount of flesh across the body , proper keratin/rushes on the head and lips. All in all a very well done reconstruction.
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