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Retro Spinosaurus

This one took months to finally wrap up, but I'm happy its finally complete! Unfortunately, I missed out on the hype-train earlier this year about awesome Spinosaurus' new look. I couldn't add my own reconstruction to the glorious wave of incredible art others had done of this elegant creature. So here's my own interpretation of the new...
...damn. Wrong pictures. Ok, hang on. I'll get back to that. Anyway, here's some Retro versions of Spinosaurus all chillin on the edge of a bank.
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reminds me of arizonasaurus!

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retro style :heart:

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It would be interesting if there's an amphibian species who evolved such shape and size.

The beta testers of weird body shapes.

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This has the vibes of a Charles R. Knight painting, I love it!

This is awesome! I love comparing spinos from the early century to one of last year!

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Retro Spinosaurus makes a good reference for designing a sailback kaiju :)

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You're so terribly talented, I love this one! There's something oddly charming about retrosaurs. Your spinosaurs certainly look much better than most reconstructions I remember from books I read as a kid.

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But weren't the old spinosaurs depicted as fully terrestrial?


I see someone was looking at the safari spinosaurus for the farthest right one

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Funnily enough, I didnt use any toys as reference.


You're shitting me. The hand and head look exactly the same!

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I actually didnt use any toys as reference.

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Oh, I said because the colour pattern remind me to the first carnegie spino. BTW you have plans to do more retro bois along with the newer versions like you did with spino?

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Oh look Bipedal Arizonasaurus

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This looks so cool, you did a wonderful job catching the retro version in all its glory, haha.

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This is a great depiction of what Spinosaurus looked like during my childhood. Excellent job!

If I may, I'd nitpick on one detail: at that time Spinosaurus still was considered to be a full carnivore/dinosaur hunter, and not a fish-eater. :)

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i always loved the old "design" of spinosaurus

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Retro Spinosaurus is basically just an Arizonasaurus with four less fingers.

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Ah man what pretty beasts these are! When drawn a certain way, even "retrosaurs" can seem like actual animals that once were.

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