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Resting Tyrannosaurus Rex

Big, feathered Rex yawning in the Late Cretaceous sunrise.
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Jul 1, 2010, 9:24:14 PM
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I love how realistic you've made this! Nicely done!

Edmontosaurusaurorus's avatar

Imagine walking through a field, trudging over a hill, and you hear some deep, heavy breathing. You look over the ridge, and right there is the 40ft hypercarnivore with meat cleavers for jaws, the senses of a 50 bloodhounds, a counterbalance of a tail, and legs packed with a burst of speed when needed. I'd be like "Oh, HOLY CRAP!!". And then run faster than a gazelle back to the trees before the beefcake of an apex predator wakes up.

Artversen97's avatar

(A-Weema-Weh, A-Weema-Weh, A-Weema-Weh, A-Weema-Weh)

(Wee wai bam bam bawe)

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

The T-Rex Sleeps Tonight

In the jungle, the quiet jungle!

The T-Rex Sleeps Tonight!

(Wee wai bam bam bawe)

Near the landscape, the mighty landscape

The T-Rex Sleeps Tonight

Near the landscape, the quiet landscape

The T-Rex Sleeps Tonight

(Wee wai bam bam bawe)

EPICSanchez010630's avatar
Such terrifying but beautiful creatures
Hareguizer's avatar
Lovely to see T. rex depicted in a sleepy mood. Makes a nice change from all the roaring, stomping and chomping T rexes out there.
Tyrannus-Cyrstalis's avatar
The King has awoken!
Felina-Colibra's avatar
amazing feeeeeeling
Coalthehellhound's avatar
I like how the feathers are short and almost fur like in texture, and how smoothly it blends from scales to feathers on his head.
SpooqiSnaqe54's avatar
I love how peaceful this picture seems when you look at it. It's basically a REALLY big yawn, and the lighting makes it even better!
LuciiusOwlz's avatar
Like a lion... 66 million years ago.
mortalshinobi's avatar
something very natural about this piece. nicely done
JPGuchiha's avatar
Is there any real evidence that says T. rex had feathers?
9Weegee's avatar
Is there any evidence to say Troodon (now invalid) had feathers? no, but basic phylogenetics would tell you yes.
JPGuchiha's avatar
Wait what? I don't understand what you're trying to say.
Evodolka's avatar
a yawning king
the setting is beautiful too, the lighting and detail are just amazing :aww:
Kronosaurus82's avatar
Spectacular piece, great job with the lightning and overall atmosphere. :)
I think you really deserve a watch! :)
Kittencu's avatar
Wow that is stunning! I love your art!
JOJo227's avatar
I like how matted down the feathers are too other featherd rexes feathers aer really in your face.
JOJo227's avatar
looks very accurate I love it
JurassicMonster1993's avatar
Despite how iffy i am with feathers on a rex, i still love how this big guy looks, love this picture!
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IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
Danger fl00f!

be afraid!!!!
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