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Dromaeosauridae size chart for Wikipedia

This one took a long, long time...ofc, there were 6 animals to draw. Had a lot of fun making these. Coming up with color schemes, making custom feather brushes, fixing inaccuracies, etc.
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wow, nice drawing! :O

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Oi, didnt realize how deinonychus was such a short boi compared to the other guys.
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There are bigger specimens, this is probably based on the type specimen.
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Nice reconstructions!  I like how you didn't flinch on the goosey facial proportions of Austroraptor.  Great colour scemes, too!
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I thought utahraptor was supposed to be bigger.
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It’s probably a lot heavier in this photo than you think it is , looks can be a bit deceiving.
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It was a little bit bigger actually.
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Built more like a tank
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Well, that's what I've heard, Utahraptor was quite heavy, about the same weight as a polar bear ( 500 to 700 kilograms )
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Ah, yes, I remember!! :)
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Thanks, my dude!! :)
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Great Raptors, I especially like the colour schemes though I do think the Utahraptor is slightly too small, still individual size does vary so it might just be me.
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I thought deinonychus were bigger : l 
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They had a fairly broad size range. This one seems to be a little over 2.5 meters long, while the largest known specimen was ~3.8 meters long and had a hip height that reached to a human´s waist.
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Must have only seen the largest used in refs then, thanks for telling me.
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In retrospect, I think that the 3.8 meter size for D.antirrhopus might not be accurate.
I think the 3.8 meter specimen is a new species of Deinonychus based on some skeletal differences.

However, I also think that there are specimens of D.antirrhopus that are close to it in size.
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3.8 m is still huge and looked over another image where the deinonychus only about 3 m in lenght…

It looks so smaller, when further away from the human figure as on here with the rest of the branches of raptors.
Makes me wonder on how tall the human is supposed to be. 
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Based on the other raptors in this size comparison, the human is probably around 1.7 meters, but it is impossible to tell because they all have different specimens that yield different sizes.
Comparing it to different raptors on the chart yields heights for the human between ~1.4 and ~2.3 meters.
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I just want to say i love the fact that wikipedia is updating their dinosaurs
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Are the colorations based off real animals? The Deinonychus bears a similarity to the Philippine eagle.
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