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Dinosaur Sunset - The Good Dinosaur Fan Art

Made fan art for the highly anticipated The Good Dinosaur film, especially for the contest.

Since I have a background in dinosaur knowledge & art, I figured I'd do a realistic approach to the characters.

Took about 24 hours to complete, didnt think I'd get it done before the deadline...but tada!

Now I am in need of a long, long sleep lol
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wish they looked like this in the movie!

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majestic, beautiful, exotic, gorgeous and prehistoric

Jurassic World T. rex T. rex Roar Icon New Dino

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majestic I'd say

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An embarrassing moment when a deviant is able to create better looking dinosaurs than a major film studio or the once "King of Animation. 
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Это так красиво!
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that is awesome. 
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It's actually really neat to know that in real life T.rex wouldn't kill everything in sight but only kill when hungry so, for all we know smaller species resting in the vicinity of a T.rex like in the photo could've been possible!
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I love this so much! All the characters look stunningly gorgeous! 

 Ramsey and Nash look so precious getting comfy with big ol’ Papa Rex
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Looks so much better then the movie! I love the fuzz you gave the rexs too!
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I like these designs so much better than the doofy Pixar designs. I don't get why they would go all-out making their backgrounds distractingly realistic and then make the characters within the environment look like muppets.
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Wow! Love how realistic you've done the characters here, they sure look like real dinosaurs now. :D 
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Oh, I see Thunderclap in the background.
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Hey Fred, how would you feel about doing one of The Land Before Time?
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Never seen the movie, and from what I heard it wasn't too good for a 'Good' Dinosaur movie. That said I too was also disappointed that none of the dinos were accurate... even Jurassic World had more realistic and up-to-date dinos that the Good DInosaur.

This artwork is a GREAT scientifically accurate dino art :) Looks like you captured your own rex design here (good to see it without the morning glow on it for a change) :)

Again, I just LOVE your take on a feathered rex! I wish more artists (and toy makers) shared your vision :D
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omg that awsome nicely done
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
So damn perfect... holy shit
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That looks absolutely amazing!
Wonderful art for an also wonderful movie :D
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sleeping next to three big predators...nothing could go wrong with that ^^
I love the face of Arlo, so soft an beautiful.
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