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BBC T. Rex Remodel



Once again I have the itch to edit something...

The BBC is releasing a new dino-documentary within the next month or two titled, "The Real T. Rex"...and does look like the real T. Rex.

This actually took way more time than the JW:FK Bary photoshop. I'm confused at the BBC. Surely they knew about Mark Witton, who would have helped tremendously in the look and accuracy of the animal.

The reason as to why I have both Stan and Tristan specimens is because the documentary is using Tristan as it's model for their T. Rex. Added a Stan edit because everyone loves his gorgeous face <3

EDIT: Stupidly forgot to fix the dewclaw on the hind limbs. That's what I get for working on stuff like this at 4am lol
ALSO: Here's a slide comparison between the original and edit:…
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Yeah i prefer fred's version of the animal, although it could have had feathers it wouldn't have had that much