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BBC T. Rex Remodel

Once again I have the itch to edit something...

The BBC is releasing a new dino-documentary within the next month or two titled, "The Real T. Rex"...and does look like the real T. Rex.

This actually took way more time than the JW:FK Bary photoshop. I'm confused at the BBC. Surely they knew about Mark Witton, who would have helped tremendously in the look and accuracy of the animal.

The reason as to why I have both Stan and Tristan specimens is because the documentary is using Tristan as it's model for their T. Rex. Added a Stan edit because everyone loves his gorgeous face <3

EDIT: Stupidly forgot to fix the dewclaw on the hind limbs. That's what I get for working on stuff like this at 4am lol
ALSO: Here's a slide comparison between the original and edit:…
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Your interpretation actually looks more accurate TRTR’s, since we now know that the feathers were sparse and much like hair on human skin, or it might have not had feathers at all. Nice job

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And also the pattern you added onto your t rex

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My main problem with BBC's new rex is its jaw. It's way too short and it makes the animal look goofy and somewhat retarded.
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I Loved The Documentary Is Really Good Quit Accurate and Chris Packham Is Quit Good The Only Thing I Didnt Like Was The Feather Part and I Prever The One on The Right You Too.
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They made him look like that monster that used to appear in those Honeycomb commercials.
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BBC has created an accurate T. rex. Just because Saurian rebuilt its Tyrannosaurus doesn't mean it's the real animal. heck, saurian thinks the animals lived alone and cared for their young rather than hunt in packs like we know they probably do This could be saurian just simplifying the game, but if they wanted to make an accurate game they must make their T. rex's hunt in packs. Your model is better. It at least has some remnants of its younger self's insolation(baby and juvenile tyrannosaurus probably had a coat of feathers, but shed the majority of it over time). And you kept the scars, unlike saurians design that has no adult scarring whatsoever. The only problem is the feathers. We don't know if adults did have feathers, but my guess is that they did. In conclusion, your model may be more accurate then saurian's but don't have feathers out of the question yet. :)
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Please stop spreading false information it’s misleading and just...well not causing a positive impact. We have no supporting evidence for the concept of Tyrannosaurus hunting in packs whatsoever and to imply that we supposedly know that they did is completely disingenuous, finding different individuals in close proximity =/= pack behavior as that can indicate a variety of circumstances that we cannot confirm. Even the citations on Wikipedia note that such a claim is an extrapolation from finds of different genera that we again : cannot confirm is evidence of true pack hunting and are not even from tyrannosaurus itself....we don’t have any reason to believe adult Rexes hunted in packs , claiming one is incorrect for not portraying them in such a setting is fairly unfounded. The page even notes how such a claim has been criticized as well. Not having scarring on an adult animal in an artistic representation doesn’t make said model inaccurate as scars in general come down to the lifestyle of an individual animal and the struggles it goes through you also realize that there is a period in a creatures life where it doesn’t initially have scarring right? I’m not sure why you keep stating the feathers are a problem given that they’re ambiguous at best with the current data we have.
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sorry, i need to work on my knowledge of t. rex. 
Abscence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of abscence. In fact, we do have evidence that T. rex did in fact hunt in packs.
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There is no evidence for pack hunting dinosaurs even in modern dinosaurs (Birds). Best you could get as a "pack" is a duo or mates hunting together and that's it
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Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of presence either, dinosaur social behavior is predominantly speculation save for a few instances. We have no evidence whatsoever that Tyrannosaurus hunted in packs.
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One question. Did you completely get rid of the lips or reduce them slightly? What are your reasons for this?
I like your remodel a lot better. 
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Oh damn... why does the BBC version look like he's got a disorder? :ohmygod!:
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I saw some pictures of Tristan's skull and it is accurate: Tristan did have a deformed skull and multiple injuries. Overall, he is a good example of a really BANGED up Tyrannosaurus Rex.
At least you added some feathers, even if it was like elephant hair, unlike the saurian team
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M8, the saurian team didnt add the feathers because they are so small that its terrible for rendering. there like elephant hairs.
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Exactly. Did you see the original design? It’s right here on DA.   Tyrannosaurus rex adult concept art by Kana-hebi
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If only you could like comments on DA
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I feel like they are trying to make what the public thinks is realistic, not what science now thinks!
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I only just noticed this but, the original version looks so high.
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