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Austroraptor cabazai for Wikipedia

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Ding dang dong all hail the murder swan!

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Hello Fred! I hate to bother you, but I wanted to alert you that someone is using this illustration for profit and without crediting you.

I happened across this when I looked up Austroraptor images on Google. :/

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So Austroraptor is bigger than Utahraptor but is more lightly built, but Utahraptor is more heavily built. So which would you take?
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I love it! It looks like a real creature, not like the monster depicted in The Isle!
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What makes you think that? The Isle's Austroraptor looks genuinely like a real raptor, the only flaw is the exposed teeth ( in the game )
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When making these illustrations do you use any lineart at all in the final composition? At any certain edges of the silhouette?
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Really loving the colour choices you made for this beauty!
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Gorgeous feathers~
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Best Austroraptor I can find in the whole Internet. You've given her quite long tail feathers. How large do you calculate those feathers at the end of the tail are? Around one meter long?
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It's not that the tail feathers are long, it only seems that way. The tail itself is the lengthy bit.
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Ah, ok I get it!
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for wiki?
awesome :la:
it's always cool to make wiki look more pro
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I live by the water, so the heron esque coloration reminded me a lot of home.
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